Tips to clean your house before selling

Tips to clean your house before selling

What is the importance of getting your house cleaned before selling it?

Tips to clean your house before selling

As a buyer, imagine that you are offered a house to buy that is very clean and tidy, and at the same time you are offered another house that when you enter it, you find out that it is very dirty. Which of these two houses motivates you more to buy?

As a salesperson, we should do our best to sell the house we are going to sell at the highest possible price. One of the ways we can help to sell the house better is to clean the house. A clean and sparkling house encourages the buyer more to make the deal.


Advantages of a clean house in the time of selling

Few people pay attention to this point, but you should know that a clean house look bigger compared to a dirty house. No matter how well-designed your house is, when it is dirty and untidy, its beauty is not visible.

Buying a house with very dirty walls or discolored doors and windows is does not seem charming in the buyers’ eyes. Paint all the doors and windows before selling the house. If the walls are dirty, paint them. Do not neglect electrical switches and sockets. Clean them well. One of the places that get very dirty is the kitchen. So be sure to clean the kitchen well and remove oil stains. The kitchen is one of the most influential parts of the house for buyers, so try to have a clean and stylish kitchen.

Bathroom is another important part of the house to the buyers. A bathroom should be very clean. Disinfect and clean the bathroom before selling the house. It will make making a house deal easier to for buyers.


Tips to get your house cleaned and pleasant

Pre-sale housekeeping tricks help make your home easier to sell. Cleaning your home is just as important as cleaning your car before selling it. In the following, you can see some steps in get your house cleaned before selling.

  • Clean cupboards, cabinets and drawers. Discard items which seem old or broken. At the end, the cabinets should give you a pleasant sparkle.
  • Clean light bulbs. If a light bulb has burnt out, discard it and replace the new lamp.
  • Clean switches and sockets. You can use a corner cleaner.
  • Clean the dust on cabinets and doors.
  • Wash carpets, rugs and curtains.
  • Change door handles and old wires.
  • Empty the garbage bins and wash them.
  • The vacuum cleaner is a very essential tool to use.
  • Wash the inlet well. The entrance to the house is very important because it determines the house first impact, so it needs to be very clean.
  • Dispose extra yard equipment or move them to a storeroom, so that you can sweep and wash the entire yard.
  • Scrub the counter and sink, and faucets well to make them shine.
  • Take out the equipment inside the cabinets and clean the space inside it well.
  • Wash the wooden floor of the house.
  • Repair stairs and floors if it is needed.

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