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Amax clean group has a long time of encounter in giving the conclusion of the end of lease cleaning Melbourne and is prepared to get orders from you with the finest conclusion of bond cleaners Melbourne.

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Bond Cleaning In Melbourne

When it comes to getting your bond back, leave it to professionals

Moving out can be unpleasant and we completely get itTake off the bond back cleaning Melbourne to us and tend to the moving-out prepare with peace of intellect. Our group of experts makes beyond any doubt you’ve got no issue getting your full bond back from your property director.

Our group comprises prepared cleaners and we utilize top-shelf cleaning items and gear that take off indeed the dirtiest places in your domestic sparkly. Contact us for a solid bond cleaning benefit and move out with ease.

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We pride ourselves for the years we provided a wide range of service for our customers

reasnable pricing

Reasonable pricing

We keep out prices to a minimum by providing highly efficient services. Our prices will surprise you.

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Professional cleaning team

Our team consists of highly qualified and trained cleaners. Their reliability is among the greatest.

Quality end-of-cleaning services in Melbourne with the best prices
Leave your bond back cleaning to us. Our team of cleaners will make sure you receive your full bond back

High quality bond cleaning services in Melbourne

Equipped with a highly trained team of professional and friendly local cleaners, we provide a variety of cleaning services.

No time for daily house cleaning? We can take care of it for you. Contact us for a nice and clean house at all times.

With our office cleaning package, we ensure your workplace is free of dirt and clutter to maximize productivity.

We provide quality carpet cleaning services that leave your carpets good as new

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A bother free bond back cleaning involvement

Searching for a solid Conclusion for rent cleaning in Melbourne? We got you secured. Here at Amax Clean Bunch with a proficient group, we’re pleased to convey a wide extend of cleaning administrations such as the conclusion of rent cleaning Melbourne and commercial cleaning with sensible costs all over the Melbourne range.

Our group of prepared cleaners ensures that your property director is upbeat with the review and you’d have no issue getting your full bond back. Contact us for a spotless property

Our reliable end of lease cleaning Melbourne service ensures satisfactory results with affordable prices

Why choose us for End of lease cleaning Melbourne?

Our years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in southern Australia can vouch for the reliability of our services

High end cleaning equipment

Our conclusion of rent cleaning Melbourne benefit is done by prepared cleaners with the finest hardware and high-quality items to form beyond any doubt all the regions in your property are spotless based on the standard cleaning checklist. When it comes to the conclusion of rent cleaning in Melbourne, take off the work to experts. Contact us for a sparkling clean property

End Of Tenancy Clean Melbourne
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OUR HIGHEST LEVEL OF End of lease cleaning Melbourne

Being one of the driving bond cleaning companies in Melbourne, we take pride in giving the most noteworthy benchmarks of cleaning anticipated by property proprietors and proprietors. We know what a property chief looks for amid the property review period and in this way, we clean the property in like manner. Our exceedingly experienced cleaning specialists have been adjusting the Melbourne locale for a long time presently and are continually moving forward on the quality of benefits to offer the most extreme cleaning fulfillment. We make beyond any doubt your rented property is spruced up in the perfect way”>the most perfect way.

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Consideration and avoidance

Our bond cleaning benefit ensures that your property supervisor is upbeat about the result

Our return ensure arrangement as it applied to the regions where our administrations were used(T’s and C’s apply)

If you don’t mind see Amax Clean Gather terms and conditions

If it’s not too much trouble get it that bond cleaning incorporates a few components. It is your duty to form beyond any doubt you secured them all. For case, an intensive bond cleaning more often than not comprises of
• bond cleaning ( profound cleaning )
• carpet cleanser cleaning ( not counting recolor evacuation )
Inquire particularly for steam cleaning

And on the off chance that you require any uncommon administrations like
• bother control
• weight cleaning
• upholstery cleaning

Our booking preparation covers these things exclusively. If you don’t mind make beyond any doubt to check them on your site. Note: each thing on the booking frame shows up as a partitioned benefit. For occasion
• bond clean
• carpet clean

Amax Clean Gather employments the most excellent strategy and items, be that as it may, some items or regions within the property cannot be cleaned as modern. We are going of course take some time recently and after pictures to appear show to the property supervisor how the region would see without proficient intercession


  • Remove insect marks and nests
  • Clean air conditioner filters and fans
  • Clean light fitting (where accessible)
  • Clean walls, light switches and power points
  • Clean skirting and doors
  • Clean drawers and shelves
  • Clean windows both sides (where accessible)
  • Clean sliding door tracks
  • Clean standard blinds and cords
  • Vacuum all floors and carpets
  • Mop hard floors


  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean inside and outside of cupboards
  • Clean behind and around toilet
  • Clean bath, shower and tiles
  • Clean sink and tap and towel rails
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Sweep floor


  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, stove, griller etc.
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.
  • Clean sink, drain and taps.
  • Clean hood exhaust filter
  • Clean splash back areas


  • Clean inside and outside of cupboards
  • Clean inside, outside and behind dryer
  • Clean inside and outside of laundry tub and shelves
  • Clean behind washing machine
  • Clean all walls and windows
  • Sweep floors


  • Dust and wipe furniture
  • Clean cupboards only if ALL ITEMS are removed. WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY over broken or damaged cupboard items
    NOTE: standard blinds are blinds that can be removed and cleaned without a specialist.
    Furnished properties require a separate quoteAny object weighing more than 5kg must be moved and put back by the client for our cleaners to gain access and clean
    Additional services
    These services are booked separately and will appear as separate items on your quote
    NOTE: if they are not listed on your quote, they are not includedThis is a list of more common services. Other specialty services also exist such as paining, repairs etc.
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Blind IE Venetians
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Rubbish removal
  • Furnished property
  • Pest control
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning


Additional services (quoted separately)

These services are booked separately and will appear as separate items on your quote

Note: if they are not listed on your quote, they are not included

This is a list of more common services. Other specialty services also exist such as paining, repairs etc.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Blind IE Venetians
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Rubbish removal
  • Furnished property
  • Pest control
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning

Outside Windows

  • We will clean the outside windows where we can (excluding windows at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant them.

Outside Areas

  • Outside areas are areas that cannot be fully protected (closed off) from weather elements. Examples are balconies and patios, or any area that cannot be completely closed off such as an outside area of a house with only three walls. As per our inclusions we will clean any outside area as required however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant these areas.


  • We do not warrant any cleaning inside or outside of the garage.

Completion Events

  • A completion event is an event that has happened after the bond clean and within the warranty period which may influence the Managing Agents release of the bond in which the bond cleaner is not responsible for. We will not be responsible nor guarantee cleanliness in such an event. To determine these events ‘common sense shall prevail’. Examples of these events are;
    • Buildup of dead insects that were alive during the clean and have since expired.
    • A build up of surface dust that has settled after the clean.
    • Dirt or grime near a window or door that has been left open.
    • Insect/animal feaces.
    • New residents have moved or moving in.
    • Access to the property by a third-party contractor that has not been approved by us.

Outside Glass

  • We will clean outside glass where we can (excluding glass at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant this.

Post Pest Control

  • We will not be responsible and do not warrant items post pest control that may require additional cleaning directly related to the Pest Control. Examples are dead insects or animals that have accumulated due to Pest control being applied to the property.

Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)

  • We do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that occupy cupboards and draws.

Furnished Property Exclusions

  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.

What is End of lease cleaning Melbourne?

End of lease cleaning is essential when vacating rental properties in Melbourne. This type of cleaning must be done carefully, thoroughly, and professionally to ensure that the property remains in excellent condition for the next tenant.

End of lease cleaning Melbourne is vital as it helps protect the tenant’s security bond and avoid potential legal battles with the landlord or estate agent.

Professional cleaning services have the skills, tools, and experience to handle even the most challenging cleaning jobs. They are skilled in cleaning every corner of the property, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. In addition, End of lease cleaning Melbourne saves you time, money, and effort by providing fast and hassle-free cleaning solutions. With professional cleaning services, tenants can vacate their rental properties with peace of mind and ensure they are in excellent condition upon leaving.

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Bond cleaning Melbourne

Bond cleaning (conclusion of rent cleaning Melbourne) may be an obligatory handle that must be done sometime recently moving into an unused property in Melbourne. The essential reason for strip cleaning is to reestablish the property to its unique condition sometime recently the inhabitant moved in. This guarantees that the property is clean, clean, and well-maintained after it is cleared.

Proficient cleaners give path cleaning administrations in Melbourne with broad information and encounter in conveying high-quality cleaning administrations. They guarantee that the property is completely cleaned and meets the benchmarks set by the proprietor or specialist. Bond cleaning administrations in Melbourne cater to all properties, from little flats to expansive houses. They cover all angles of cleaning, counting floors, dividers, windows, carpets, etc.

Professional runway cleaning administrations guarantee inhabitants don’t chance to lose their membership due to a need for legitimate cleaning, giving them peace of intellect and hassle-free moving involvement.

Exit cleaners in Melbourne

Exit cleaning is a crucial service for tenants moving out of a rental property in Melbourne need. Exit cleaning is necessary to ensure the property is handed over in the same condition the tenant moved into.

Exit Cleaners Melbourne uses quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure every corner of the property is free of dirt and contamination. Services include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stove cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. Using professional Exit cleaners in Melbourne ensures tenants a hassle-free and smooth moving experience.

Clients receive a thorough cleaning service and ensure the property is left spotless, so tenants get their security deposit back without any problems. Using the services of Exit Cleaners Melbourne saves tenants time and effort and gives them peace of mind in times of stress.

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Exit cleaning Melbourne

Exit cleaning in Melbourne is known as end of lease cleaning Melbourne. It is a vital service for tenants vacating their rental property in Melbourne. Exit cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the property to ensure that the property is handed over to the next occupant in immaculate condition.

Exit cleaning requires special attention to detail and expertise to manage every cleaning aspect of the property, including floors, kitchens, bathrooms and more. Exit cleaning Melbourne services offer comprehensive cleaning solutions to ensure the property is returned to its original condition. They use specialized equipment and cleaning products to clean every corner of the property deeply.

Providing professional Bond cleaning Melbourne gives tenants peace of mind and guarantees they will get their security bond back. Professional exit cleaning saves tenants time and effort and provides a hassle-free moving experience. Tenants need professional exit cleaning services to avoid legal issues and maintain a good relationship with landlords or property agents.

Bond cleaners

A cleaning bond is required for tenants in Melbourne when vacating a rental property. This is an essential process that ensures the property remains clean and sanitary. Professional Bond Cleaners Melbourne offers a wide range of cleaning solutions that provide a clean property.

Bond cleaners Melbourne uses specialist equipment, cleaning products and techniques to clean every aspect of the property, including floors, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets and windows. Hiring professional bond cleaners ensures that the property meets the standards the landlord or property agent sets and reassures tenants that their security deposit will be returned in full.

Professional Bond cleaning services also save tenants time and effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of moving. Bond cleaning Melbourne ensures a hassle-free moving experience while maintaining a good relationship with estate agents and landlords. Professional Bond cleaning Melbourne are invaluable when it comes time to vacate a rental property.


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We carry REISA Approved Cleaning Checklist!

Amax Clean Group in Melbourne specializes in thorough, high-quality, and reliable end of lease cleaning Melbourne. Our mission is to achieve the highest standard of cleaning which helps in getting your bond back. Being an experienced company, we know how to impress a fussy property manager during the property inspection. Our cleaners always carry the REISA-approved cleaning checklist to ensure we are cleaning every inch effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

End of lease cleaning Melbourne services typically include a thorough cleaning of the entire property, including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and outdoor spaces.

It is not necessary for you to be present during the end of lease cleaning service as long as you have provided access to the property. However, it is recommended that you inspect the property after the service has been completed to ensure that everything has been cleaned to your satisfaction.

It is recommended that you book your end of lease cleaning service at least 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure availability and to allow time for any necessary preparations or arrangements. However, our company makes every effort to provide you with the best services as soon as possible.

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