7 Exit Cleaning Tips for Adelaide Tenants

7 Exit Cleaning Tips

Before you begin the exit cleaning in Adelaide, keep in mind that it will benefit you if it is done comprehensively and meets all of the standards outlined in the lease contract. If you don’t do this, getting the bond money back could become the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Make sure you replace any damage you caused or incurred within your lease period. If you leave it to the owner to take care of it and give you the bill, the cost may be larger than you anticipated. Allow ample time to complete your exit cleaning prior to the closing date to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to your satisfaction.

In this post, we will go over 7 exit cleaning tips for Adelaide tenants that will help you to retrieve your bond money in full.

Exit Cleaning Tips in Adelaide

If you want to be sure to get your bond money back completely, try to follow these 7 exit cleaning tips for Adelaide tenants.

1. Make Preparations Ahead of Time

Cleaning the entire house in one swift move is a formula for catastrophe, just as cramming all of the studies into the evening before an exam results in poor scores. The aim is to establish excellent habits. And now, the best part is that you don’t have to sweat day after day to make sure that the house is in good enough shape to have the bond money returned.

Tenants might not even have to employ a professional cleaning company when they relocate if they undertake 10 to 15 minutes of housekeeping whenever they get back from work. Create a regular routine and commit to cleaning for 10 minutes always at the same time.

2. Work Your Way from Top to Bottom

Clean items high up in the house, such as ceiling fans or bookshelves, prior to actually cleaning low surfaces, such as flooring, just as you would in the regular cleaning process. You won’t mistakenly blow dust onto freshly cleaned surfaces this way.

3. Return the Furniture to its Original Location

Leaving the rented house in the same condition as when you just moved in is really the ideal technique to have your bond returned. So, you’ll have to clean under the refrigerator, tables, and couches.

It is something that the majority of tenants neglect to do. There is also a lot of trash and built-up grime under the refrigerator, which could be hard to clean.

4. Exit Cleaning Should Be Comprehensive

Cleaning the walls and ceilings is a great beginning, but you’ll have to do considerably more to get your bond back. Give particular attention to household appliances and several other spots that haven’t been cleaned on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t forget to clean and sweep the outdoors.

Dust should be removed from all spots as much as possible, especially inside cupboards and skirting boards. If you clean exterior windows too, you’ll save a lot of money compared to hiring professionals, because cleaning the outside is pricey. And also remember to clean the porch.

5. Do Your Cleaning Room after Room

Cleaning on a regular basis during the lease will help to simplify the exit cleaning in Adelaide. But then again, you will have to try a little harder before the relocation.

Cleaning one room at a time will make you feel a bit less stressed by the task given. You should begin at the back of the property and work your way up to the entrance. This way, you can rest assured that all is in order. If you leave the house in the very same shape as when you arrived, you will receive the entire bond money returned.

6. Working in Stages Is Recommended

Cleaning the entire building at once could be intimidating, depending on the size of the place. Start with the rooms you will be using the least from now until your move-out date, including the guest room, and break the work up into timeframes.

7. Make Sure to Leave Time for a Final Quick Cleaning

Yes. We know that you want to clean ahead of time for your move-out date, but some areas, such as the restroom, will need to be cleaned shortly before you move out. Keep in mind that when the furniture is hauled out, you’ll almost certainly have to clean up any dust left behind.

Final Thoughts on Exit Cleaning Tips in Adelaide

Contact A Max Clean Group right away if you’re anxious about the exit cleaning process or that you won’t receive the bond money returned. We can take care of the entire exit cleaning process for you, from start to end, so you’ll get the full bond back.

We are dedicated to offering great customer service and high-quality results. A Max Clean Group’s cleaning professionals collaborate with clients to ensure that we fully understand what is anticipated on the move-out date.


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