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Carpet steam cleaning

A steam cleaner is a device that uses hot water or steam to clean surfaces. Today, most homes and cleaning service companies use steam cleaners to clean carpets, furniture, floors, walls, and other surfaces.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a steam cleaner and help you decide whether to A Max Clean Group it for carpet cleaning.

Why should we use Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide?

Have you ever wondered why people use the services of reputable companies like Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide when they can get the steam cleaning done themselves? The reality is that there is a world of difference between what homeowners can do on their own and what the professionals at Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide can do. It is better to know more about the tools of this company.

The professional service offered by Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide has two advantages over homeowners trying to clean their carpets: more expertise and more advanced equipment.

  1. The Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide team knows how to deal with your carpets’ unique situation and conditions, such as tough stains, drinks, grease and rugs that are sensitive and need extra care.
  2. They can access tools you can’t rent at local stores. This includes UV lamps to detect stains caused by pet activity. But most importantly, it involves the expensive equipment needed to produce hot water, also known as a steam cleaner.
Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide
Steam cleaners are environmentally friendly

The difference between carpet shampoo and steam cleaning

Both carpet shampoo and steam cleaner are practical tools for basic carpet cleaning. But how each of them achieves this deep cleanliness is different.

A carpet shampooer uses a combination of detergent and water to clean the carpet. A rotating brush removes dirt from carpet fibres. At the same time, its powerful suction destroys dirt, stains and pus.

On the other hand, the steam cleaner uses the power of hot water. By injecting hot, steamy water, it cleans your carpet, killing bacteria and breaking down dirt and grime for more effective cleaning.

Due to its washing properties and unique ingredients, carpet shampoo is an excellent choice for deep cleaning of carpets. They are instrumental in high-traffic homes, such as families with children or pets, where carpets often get dirty.

Carpet shampoo has the advantage of not needing outsourcing and expert help. You can clean your carpets as required and at your leisure.

In contrast, steam cleaners do not require chemicals, so they are an excellent option for those who want to clean without pollutants. One of the most significant advantages of steam cleaners is that they can kill bacteria and germs. Because the high steam temperature can destroy harmful microbes even in hard-to-reach places, they are also environmentally friendly.

Steam cleaners are practical cleaning machines. That means they can do more than clean your carpets. They can be used for most surfaces and various household items. Including:

  • Furniture or interior items such as mattresses and curtains
  • Mirror and glass
  • Floor and tiles
  • Kitchen Appliances

  Using a steam cleaner also has disadvantages. One is that they can be expensive. Another downside is that they require a lot of water, so you must empty and refill the tank often. Finally, steam cleaners take longer to clean than other methods.

Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide
Steam cleaners do not need to use chemicals

Question and answer

What should I do to prepare my home for carpet cleaning?

Before the crew arrives, small items should be removed, such as children’s toys, pet beds, clothing, shoes, and carpets. Vacuum to remove pet hair and other noticeable debris so you can get the most out of your carpet cleaning. We also recommend temporarily moving breakable items, such as picture frames or glass ornaments, to a safe place.


  • Why should I hire a professional carpet cleaner instead of doing it myself?

Home carpet washing machines available to consumers for rent or purchase do not have a temperature high enough to disinfect carpets. This heat is needed to activate the cleaning agents in the detergent.

In addition, vacuum cleaners used for home carpet cleaning are not powerful. These devices cannot eliminate all the dirt or bacteria in the carpet fibres and even all the soap and water injected. When you use these devices, the carpets dry more slowly, and in the end, sticky marks appear on the carpet’s surface.


  • What is the difference between washing with hot water and carpet drying?

Most carpet manufacturers consider hot water the most effective method of washing carpets, which is the least harmful to your health and your family. But a “dry cleaning” technique applies harsh chemicals or solvents to carpets to break down soil. Even after vacuuming, these compounds leave a sticky residue that quickly brings the dirt back to the carpet’s surface, and the carpet gets dirty again.

  In addition, many people with skin allergies or respiratory problems react negatively to these harsh chemical residues. But the method of cleaning Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide removes dirt and cleaning materials from your carpets and delivers them without odour and irritation.


  • How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Generally, professional carpet cleaning should be done about once a year by a reputable company. It may be required more cleaning for areas with heavy traffic,

  • How many times should I vacuum my carpet before washing it?

When it comes to maintaining your carpet, the most critical is the high-traffic areas. If you ignore vacuuming, sand, dirt and other dry materials can stick to the carpet fibres over time, penetrate deep into the carpet, and cause the fibres to wear out; So, vacuum your carpet often—at least once or twice a week—to prevent premature wear.

Carpet steam Cleaning Adelaide
Using professional washing services will make your work easy

Final word

Cleaning your home, especially carpets, significantly affects your beauty and changes your mood. One of the ways to clean carpets is to wash them with a steam cleaner. Although using a steam cleaner is a simple task, it is necessary to observe some points that, if not kept, will not have the desired result or may even cause damage to your carpet. In this article, we tried introducing you to carpet steam cleaning and some tips. Thank you for staying with A Max Clean Group until the end of reading this article.


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