Carpet Cleaning tips and Equipment

Carpet Cleaning tips and Equipment

Carpet cleaning is one of the most challenging parts of house cleaning. This requires a lot of care and patience and also requires a high level of knowledge in the field of stain removal tips. We can clean our own carpets at home or we can leave the cleaning to the professionals. In the following, we will introduce you to some carpet cleaning techniques and equipment.

Vacuuming the carpet

The simplest and most basic way to clean a carpet that almost all of us have done is to vacuum it. The vacuum cleaner prepares the carpet for the next steps of cleaning. The first thing to do for cleaning the carpet is to vacuum it to remove all the small particles from its surface. Then, our carpet is ready for the next steps of cleaning.

Dusting the carpet

Deep carpet dusting is very important in carpet cleaning. Dust particles penetrate the carpet yarns in a way that they cannot be cleaned even by vacuuming. In the past, to remove dust, the carpet was shaken or beaten with a stick, which could have seriously damaged the carpet texture. Today, carpet dusting is done with the help of special machines and advanced tools.

Stabilizing the color of handmade carpets

If you or your relatives have handmade rugs, you have probably faced a big problem before, known as color blending. If water is accidentally or intentionally spilled on the carpet, its color will blend. As you know, most handmade carpets are made of wool or cotton. And these fabrics give off color while cleaning with water; especially in dark or red (lacquer) spots. Therefore, it is very important to stabilize the colors of the carpet before cleaning or rinsing it.

In our professional company, cleaning handmade carpets is done according to the type of cleaning requested by the customer with special machines and appropriate detergent approved by the carpet cleaning union.

Carpet steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a cleaning and disinfecting method that has been very popular for several years. Steam cleaners clean and disinfect the environment without the use of chemicals and are very useful for carpet beetles and larvae removal. This cleaning method does not damage the carpet texture.

Be aware of steam cleaning drawbacks. Steam can evaporate the house. It is also difficult to work with a steam cleaner, and if we do not have enough experience, it may stabilize the stain instead of cleaning it.

Leave your carpet cleaning to the professionals.

Since carpet cleaning is a difficult and specialized task, we recommend you send your carpet to carpet cleaning centers or leave it in the hands of experts who are highly specialized in this work. In this case, you can be sure that your carpet is best cleaned with the best carpet cleaning equipment.

You can have clean carpets without buying carpet cleaning equipment. Our colleagues in “A Max Clean Group” clean your carpets in the best way with the best equipment and solutions. Leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals of Adelaide.

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