How to get wax out of our carpet easily?

How to get wax out of our carpet easily

One of the mistakes most of us make is that we do not clean stains quickly, and this can make stains harder to clean in the future. One of these stains is wax stain. It is not difficult to clean the stain when it is fresh, but if it has been a while since wax has been spilled on the carpet, it will probably be a little difficult for us. Spilling wax on the carpet is an annoying experience that anyone can face, so it is better to know the way to remove it. Removing spilled wax from carpets is not an easy task and requires care. So do not rush and do it carefully and patiently. To remove wax from the carpet, you can use the following ways.


Use Ironing.

Take a clean cotton cloth and place it on the wax stain. Put a semi-hot iron on the fabric and wait a few moments for the wax to heat up and be absorbed by the fabric. Try not to hold the iron too much on the carpet as this will damage the carpet lint.


Use Ice.

Place a bag full of ice cubes on the wax. The bag is used so that the wax does not get wet. Then rub the ice bag firmly on the wax and continue to do so until the wax freezes. You can even use ice sprays available at pharmacies which you can spray on the wax and let it harden. Then you can use a knife to scrape the wax stain off the carpet.


Use a Small Amount of Oil.

The best oil to do this is baby oil. Pour a small amount of oil on a napkin and press the napkin on the wax stain. Do this slowly and do not put too much pressure on the carpet, because if you apply high pressure, the wax will be absorbed more into the carpet. The oil helps the wax to dissolve and be absorbed by the napkin.


Use a Hair Dryer.

In this method, like using an iron, we have to put a clean cotton cloth on the wax stain and then turn on the hair dryer on medium heat towards the stain so that the wax softens a little and is absorbed by the cotton cloth.


Use Soda.

You may be interested to know that soda is able to dissolve some stains in it. One of these stains is wax stain that is soluble in soda. Pour a small amount of soda on a cotton handkerchief and gently rub the handkerchief on the carpet. You will see that the wax will dissolve and be absorbed into the handkerchief.


Use Detergents.

Using a variety of detergents can remove wax stains from the carpet. For example, carpet shampoo, sofa shampoo or even a small amount of dishwashing liquid can help remove wax stains.


Use Alcohol.

Pour some alcohol on a clean cotton cloth and gently press it on the stain and rub it. Alcohol can break wax molecules bonds, so it can be easily cleaned.


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