The best tips to clean marble or granite floors

The best tips to clean marble or granite floors

Marble and granite are widely used in the interior design of buildings due to their beautiful appearance and relatively good strength. An issue that many people face is to cleaning marble and granite floors. In the following, we will acquaint you with the ways of cleaning floors that are made of marble or granite.

How to clean marble or granite floors?

Cleaning the marble or granite floors with dishwashing liquid

Using a soft cloth, remove fine dust from the surface of the granite or marble floor, then dissolve some non-acidic dishwashing liquid in water and use a soft cloth to mop the entire surface of the floor. It is the easiest and the most harmless way of cleaning these floors.

Do not use highly alkaline or acidic materials to clean marble or granite floors

These materials can cause serious damage to the marble or granite floors. Although many people clean their granite and marble floors with a mixture of vinegar and hot water, it is recommended not to use vinegar to clean your stone surfaces, because it is acidic and will destroy the stone polish over time. It may not be wrong to say that daily cleaning with warm water is sufficient for marble and granite floors. For removing stains and dirt, use granite cleaners with the right pH and water. Be sure to read the instructions to apply a correct dilution ratio. Avoid acidic detergents and bleaches for these surfaces.

How to remove stains from marble and granite floors?

Acidic stains such as coffee or juice stains can be a little difficult to remove from these surfaces and should be removed as soon as possible. First, wipe the stain with a soft cloth or sponge and then wash off the rest with water. Remove any remaining water from the surface, as it may settle into the pores of the stone and cause a permanent stain. Then dry the surface thoroughly and do not let the floor get dried by the air. For removing any stubborn stains from marble and granite surfaces, remove them as soon as the stain is formed. Ask the experts about marble and granite cleaners.

Polishing or Waxing?

After cleaning the marble and granite floors, it comes to make a choice between polishing and waxing. Which one is better for granite and marble floors? Polish, due to its abrasive power, is mostly used for repairing deep scratches, but since it removes the top layer of the stone, it is suggested not to use it. On the contrary, waxing the marble and granite floors is a very common and suitable way to make the floors shine again without causing any damage to them. Waxing makes the granite and marble floors completely smooth and removes all surface scratches.

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