9 End of Lease Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Get Your Bond Money Back

End of Lease Cleaning Tips

Most tenants find moving out of a rented home difficult. You must handle everything, from moving house items to organizing a thorough cleaning prior to the actual final inspection. Because of insufficient cleaning, the majority of tenants lose their bond money. A well-kept and well-organized rental property can help you please the homeowner and complete the home report with flying colors. In this post, we are going to review 9 end of lease cleaning tips that will help you get your bond money back.

End of Lease Cleaning Tips

Remember these 9 end of lease cleaning tips if you’d like to clean up on your own and without hiring a contractor:

1. Before leasing, inspect the property.

A thorough examination is strongly advised when moving into a rental home. Take pictures of any locations that are damaged or filthy and present them to the property management as evidence. You should use this document as a backup to recover the bond money when you vacate your property, and you will not be held to account for any destruction or dirtiness that may have existed.

2. Use a standardized end-of-lease cleaning checklist as a guide.

When assessing the rental property at the end of a lease, property owners or property management companies use the Property Condition Report. Therefore, for positive performance, you should utilize this or develop your alternative. In addition, you can follow a standardized checklist and leave the property in immaculate shape.

3. Thoroughly clean the walls.

Before the property owner’s final inspection, clean the walls to improve the current aesthetic appeal of the rented house. To remove stubborn stains, dirt, as well as other markings from the walls, use a damp microfiber mop.

4. Make sure the carpets are completely clean.

Carpet cleaning frequently causes a conflict between the property management and the renters. As a result, you must pay extra attention to carpet cleaning. A bond cleaning company is recommended since they have adequate expertise in cleaning carpets and have professional carpet cleaning equipment. The carpets must be spotless if you want the bond money returned in full.

5. Don’t forget the kitchen appliances.

To remove burned bits of food, grime, grease, and other persistent stains from kitchen appliances, make a cleaning solution using white vinegar and lukewarm water. You can clean the refrigerator with the same method, as well as the panels, knobs, drawers, and other detachable pieces.

6. Light fixtures should be cleaned.

Certain locations, such as light bulbs, light switches, and light fittings, are sometimes overlooked during end-of-lease cleaning. Assessment inspectors, on the other hand, pay particular attention to such places. So, try to ensure that they are spotless and in working order. Try to ensure that all light fixtures have been detached properly before cleaning and that the right substance is being used to clean the doorknobs and faucets.

7. All of the windows should be cleaned.

Bringing natural light into the property through the super clear windows can make it appear nice and clean. To remove any fingerprints, you can use a window cleaning solution and a dry microfiber cloth. Cleaning any debris from windows frames and thoroughly cleaning the windowsills should be your top priorities.

8. Clean the bathroom thoroughly.

Try to ensure that an unclean bathroom is properly cleaned and disinfected. To eliminate germs in slightly elevated areas, use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Since many property owners check bathrooms from floor to ceiling, having a clean and organized bathroom might help renters pass the final inspection.

9. Leave the end-of-lease cleaning to the professionals.

If most of the cleaning tips listed above seem too overwhelming, or if you don’t have the time to do some of the cleanings, you can hire a reliable bond cleaning service.

Final Thoughts

Those were some excellent tips for getting your bond money returned in full without having to deal with a tenancy conflict. Try to follow these cleaning instructions to the letter and use only eco-friendly products to get the best outcome.

Moving may be a difficult experience. If you do not like to deal with the additional pressure of getting your bond money returned, use the ideas above to turn your rental home into a clean place. This should enable you to collect your bond money in full. If you’re on your own, get assistance in preparing for the final rental inspection.


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