What is Bond cleaning?

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What is Bond cleaning?

The primary question is what is the definition of Bond cleaning, and what are its functions? This term generally includes many cases, which we will define here in a general way, and we will continue to discuss its cases and procedures. In general, Bond cleaning is related to contracts in real estate registration and various real estate contracts. This term means that during the agreement of the house, you accept a part according to which, if you are a tenant, you must hand over the house entirely and exactly as you received it from the owner of the house.

  Bond cleaning includes not only residential properties but also commercial and public properties. This section of real estate contracts is not permanent, and its duration starts with the beginning of your accommodation and ends with the completion of your capacity and the complete handover of the property to the property owner. In the following, we will discuss the benefits of this part of the contract for the property owner and the tenant. So stay with us.

Bond cleaning
Bond cleaning

Bond cleaning benefits property owners and tenants

 It is a two-way advantage for the tenant and the landlord. On the other hand, after closing the contract and including this section, the homeowner will be relieved of future incidents in the house and other problems.  On the other hand, after signing the contract, the tenant has peace of mind. ,  he does not need to spend too much because all the damage to the house has been mentioned. In this way, there will be no problem for either side of the contract.

It is worth mentioning that in many cases, the owner has hidden the initial damage to the property and claimed that he delivered the property clean and healthy; thus, the words of the tenant have no effect. In the next section, we will examine the cases that include Bond cleaning.

Bond cleaning
Bond cleaning has many benefits for owners and tenants

Necessary items for Bond cleaning

  • Walls and floors

All house floors are washed and cleaned as part of Bond cleaning. Cleaning the walls and removing cobwebs are often considered part of this operation and the terms of this contract. In addition,  Bond cleaning includes washing many partitions of the house.

  • Carpet cleaning

Dirt, pollen and pollutants are found in abundance in carpets. Carpet cleaning with reasonable solutions is part of Bond cleaning. It is recommended to use a skilled cleaner to wash the rug. Remember to keep the carpet cleaning service receipt in any scenario and in case of an accident.

  • Cleaning the kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is the third part of Bond cleaning. All kitchen equipment must be cleaned, such as countertops, stoves, hoods, and fans. Apart from that, the oil and grease stains on the stove and hood should be removed. This process also includes washing the walls, floor and kitchen fans.

  • Curtains and Venetian blinds

Curtains, whether made of wood or fabric, collect a lot of particles. Dirty curtains can pollute the air inside the house and spread the pollution throughout the whole place and, in this way, cause the pollution to spread in the house. Venetian blinds (the parts next to the gas) and curtains are cleaned with a sterile cloth during the Bond cleaning process.

  • Cleaning the bathroom

All bathroom and kitchen appliances must be cleaned, such as sinks, pumps, handles, mirrors, curtains and toilets. In addition to cleaning these items in the Bond cleaning process, the laundry areas, faucets and sinks and soap stains should also be completely cleaned.

  • Cleaning shelves and drawers

You can dust all your closets, cabinets and drawers with a cloth. You have to clean them and try until they are spotless. Of course, Remember that some companies do this whole process for you. With this, you have saved time and done the Bond cleaning process correctly. In addition, this matter is justified and correct from commercial and economic points of view.

Bond cleaning
Bond cleaning includes various items

Bond cleaning history

This type of action is contemporary in the West, and its history may not even reach a hundred years ago. The main reason for the spread of bond cleaning in the contemporary century is the main problem and concern of all people simultaneously. A person has many conflicts in the digital age and needs outsourcing to make his mind and body more comfortable.

Bond cleaning
Approval of the final checklist indicates the end of Bond cleaning

Final word

In the modern era, the equal rights of men and women have made women, like men, move toward financial independence and tend to work outside their homes. As a result, they no longer see the need to do all the household chores themselves. So, with the beginning of the feminist movement, these jobs became widespread. In Iran, such jobs are done in cooperation with cleaning companies. After the revolution, these companies replaced private employees and made Bond cleaning one of the main parts of every Iranian’s daily life. thanks for attention to us.

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