Steps to Get Rid of Sewage Smell in the Bathroom

Steps to Get Rid of Sewage Smell in the Bathroom

One of the most troublesome issues for families is the smell of sewage. What causes bad smell in the kitchen and bathroom? This is the most important question we ask ourselves after inhaling a bad odor. The first step is to find the source of these odors. Maybe it is because of the leakage of sewage gas into the house. A bad step is to eliminate the bad smell of sewage without finding its origin. Of course, there are ways you can prevent this problem or minimize the possibility of its occurring. In this article, we try to offer you solutions to get rid of these odors.


What can we do to prevent the smell of sewage in the house?

Use a suitable siphon in the bathroom. Make sure the pipes and plumbing equipment are installed as standard. To prevent odors in the kitchen, try to clean leftovers before washing dishes so that they do not enter the sink pipes. Because one of the reasons for the bad smell of kitchen sewage is that food particles get stuck in the pipes. If possible, use perforated lids in the kitchen sink and bathroom drain. Be sure to seek professional help if you follow the above tips and also use the following solutions.


Use home remedies

One of the safest ways to get rid of sewage odor is to use home remedies. You can use the steps below for this purpose:

  • Combine lemon juice and baking soda: Mix equal amounts of lemon juice with baking soda, pour the desired liquid into the drain and wait a few minutes, then turn on the water.
  • Mix baking soda and white vinegar: Pour some baking soda into the tube and then pour some vinegar, then open the water a few minutes later.
  • Make a mixture of salt and baking soda: Mix a bowl of boiling water with salt and baking soda and pour into a tube.

After doing the steps above, you can make your house environment pleasant with aromatic and natural smells and odors.

  • You can spray one or two drops of your favorite spray or perfume on the room light bulb while it is off. Then turn on the light. The heat of the lamp disperses the scent around the room.
  • Pour a small amount of vanilla in a bowl of water and put it on the stove flame to boil. Boiling vanilla makes your space fragrant.
  • Another simple way is to use citrus scent. You can simply burn citrus peels such as orange, lemon and tangerine peel to spread a delicate aroma in your house.

Home remedies are one of the simplest, cheapest, and least dangerous ways to solve sewage smell problem, but if the problem is not solved, you have to use chemical solutions.


Use chemical solutions

Another way to eliminate the bad smell of sewage is to use chemical solutions available in the market. However, keep in mind that improper use of these products may damage the building’s plumbing over time or cause respiratory and skin allergies in some people if used repeatedly. So you should be very cautious using chemicals.


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