Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning is done in a challenging environment with different priorities: time and cost factors, cleaning results, hygiene, and sustainability are all related and should be considered. Based on this, we must know what cleaning method to go towards this challenge. Especially considering the office’s hygiene and that it should always be kept clean, it is better to choose a method that keeps the office clean all the time. Stay with us in the future. so stay with us.

Steps to a clean office

Offices are places where many people gather for hours every day. Therefore, the equipment, nature and use of office spaces create various specific challenges for Office Cleaning service providers. Factors such as working time and cost must be considered. Also, cleanliness and hygiene must be guaranteed in this place.

Cleaning the environment should be done with sequence and communication, and it is okay to use new technologies for Office Cleaning to stay caught up with the progress and be in harmony with the world. Among the globally approved technologies is cleaning with nanomaterials, which is available everywhere in the world and gives everyone exceptionally brilliant cleanliness. Usually, the environment is cleaned better with nano and gets dirty later.

Office Cleaning
Cleaning is our speciality. Leave your offices to us

proper preparation

Preparation and follow-up are essential and continuous parts of cleaning a room. Cleanliness should be such that electricity shines everywhere and all Office Cleaning services are performed. This includes personal protective equipment and all office equipment. For this purpose, knowledge of safety instructions and health rules and the preparation of materials and equipment are the principles of work.

  Preparation of materials is essential because detergents must be selected in addition to the cleaning method so that they do not have a foul smell and do not disturb visitors. For proper preparation, coarse dirt and garbage in the offices should be removed first, and traffic should be controlled to complete the work at the given time.

Office Cleaning
The cleanliness of the surfaces gives peace to the visitors

Cleaning surfaces in Office Cleaning

If the surfaces are clean and shiny, it is a guarantee that the rooms have an attractive appearance. In this case, it helps to maintain the prestige and identity of your work and increases the work value of your company. It also plays a vital role in preventing contact infections.

The first method

  A cleaning method that is particularly suitable for removing loose or semi-adherent dirt from tables, buffets or cable ducts is to wipe with a damp cloth and spray. This method saves time, detergent and water while achieving a high level of hygiene. The detergent itself has the necessary standards. Therefore, avoid excessive use of detergents to have a healthy environment.

The second method

Another saving method is to spray the cleaning agent directly on the fabric (three sprays are enough here) and then use the moistened side to clean. If the dirt is hard, you can use the cleaning method with a pre-prepared wet cloth.

Starting at the edges of the surfaces, the cloth moves straight back and forth to pick up loose and partially adhered soil. Vertical surfaces are cleaned from top to bottom, and the fabric is placed in the dirt arc. The cloth can be folded up to three times so that 16 sides are created, and each surface can be cleaned with a new side. An alternative is to fold the fabric twice and use the resulting eight sides. In both cases, after using each side of the cloth, discard it and replace it with fresh material. The forces of our company know all Office Cleaning services in the best way and always take care of personal protective equipment and use protective gloves suitable for work.

The third method

Surfaces where dirt has settled can be cleaned with dusting cloths. This type of wipe has been successful for various materials on surfaces such as glue, and these surfaces are effectively cleaned of dust without water or cleaning chemicals. A dust cloth can be used for more than one room if the characters are regularly cleaned. In addition, these clothes are suitable for cleaning and collecting dust on floor coverings.

Office Cleaning
Ask us for the best service; we guarantee cleanliness

Final word

Surfaces often used in offices should be cleaned regularly so that your company is known for being clean and tidy in addition to its office work. Don’t worry; we will come to your aid with the help of our company’s professional Office Cleaning services. Cleaning services include disinfection and specialized services for wiping all surfaces from walls and tables to stairs and any blind spots that cannot be seen. But it needs cleaning. By entrusting the work to a max clean group, you avoid time and additional costs.

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