How to clean a shower head? ❤️

Do shower heads need to be cleaned

If your shower has a problem and does not work as before, you should clean it.

Due to the presence of minerals, water makes the water path in the shower difficult.

Cleaning the shower is not difficult at all and is done with a little patience.

Ways to Clean the showerhead

If you have never cleaned your shower head, get to work immediately!
Try to clean your showerhead once a month.

Materials you need to clean:

Distilled white vinegar or cleaning vinegar
baking soda
Toothpicks or paper clips
Plumbing tape
Heavy plastic food storage bag
Rubber band or torsional tie
Dusting handkerchiefs
Deep bowl or bucket
Old toothbrush
Lockable wrench or pliers
Narrow tail

How to clean the showerhead with vinegar?

Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar.
Place the bag on the showerhead so that the whole shower head is immersed in vinegar.

Tie the bag with a drawstring around the showerhead. Make sure that it is fully knotted and does not open.

Let it soak for a few hours.

If you have a brass shower head, take it out of the vinegar after 30 minutes, as it may damage the cover longer than this, and avoid this method for nickel-plated showerheads. Open the top and pour the vinegar into the bath drain and wait.

Rinse the hot water for about a minute until the deposits are completely removed.

Use a toothpick to open areas that still look clogged and dirty, and rinse again with hot water.
Repeat this process until you no longer see mineral deposits.

Finally, clean the showerhead with a cloth.

What other methods do you know?
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