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House cleaning is a continuous process that always continues. Keeping the home environment clean from dust, dirt, and allergenic substances guarantees the health of family members. In general, we have two types of cleaning. The first type is General Cleaning, and the other category includes deep house cleaning. House cleaning is done weekly or every two weeks. It depends on the size, complexity of the space and the number of people who live there.

House cleaning in the form of General Cleaning includes sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning, etc. You can do these things yourself or hire a regular cleaning service. In this article, we intend to provide you with comprehensive and complete information about General Cleaning. So stay with us.

General Cleaning
Dusting the house every week is one of General Cleaning

Advantages of General Cleaning

Question: Is General Cleaning enough for cleaning the house every week? In general house cleaning, you clean the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room every week using cleaning products. On the other hand, sweeping carpets, cleaning furniture and dusting household items also include general house cleaning. Remember that the weekly cleaning program by yourself or a cleaning service has many benefits.

The benefits of General Cleaning include the following:

• All household items are cleaned regularly.
• Bedrooms are clean and tidy.
• It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in essential parts of the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen.
• Prevents the creation of unpleasant odours in the house.

General Cleaning
The benefits of General Cleaning are the constant cleanliness of your home

The differences between deep cleaning and general cleaning

Debbie Sardon (quick cleaning expert) says: Cutting cleaning time in half can be done with a system. In other words, cleaning the house in order every time is better. Start cleaning from one room and end up in the same room. Save your time running around. Deep house cleaning is much longer and more detailed than General Cleaning.

All hard-to-reach parts of the house neglected in daily, and weekly cleaning is cleaned in deep cleaning. Unlike General Cleaning, which is done weekly or once every two weeks, most people do deep house cleaning in special situations such as moving house every six months to a year. Cleaning companies usually offer two packages: deep cleaning and general cleaning services. As you know, profound cleaning costs are significantly higher than General Cleaning.

General Cleaning
You can use service companies to perform General Cleaning

General Cleaning tricks

Remember that before starting General House Cleaning, you should have a list of things you plan to do. In this cleaning list, write all the spaces you want. It is better to start cleaning a part of the house, for example, the bedroom or bathroom, clean all the features there and then move on to other regions. You can only partially clean some of the houses in this house cleaning. Therefore, depending on people’s obsessions, General Cleaning can include dusting, sweeping, washing the bathroom and toilet, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

To clean different parts of the house, carrying large bottles of detergent with you to other parts of the house is optional. In this case, transferring these large bottles to small spray bottles is better. In this case, it becomes easier to carry them, and you can easily take all the materials and tools for cleaning in a bucket or basket with you to different parts of the house. You can trust cleaning companies to clean your home. The personnel of these companies have a lot of experience in the field of General Cleaning and deep cleaning.

General Cleaning
Weekly house cleaning conveys an excellent feeling to family members

final word

In this article, we provided complete information about General Cleaning. General house cleaning is done weekly or bi-weekly based on the space and number of family members. If you need more time to clean the house every week, it is better to hire cleaning services to prevent the home from being messy and dirty. Thank you for your attention and cooperation to us.

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