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Exit Cleaning In Adelaide

When it comes to getting your exit cleaning, leave it to professionals

Do you require exit cleaning in Adelaide? We are familiar with the criteria for professional end of lease or exit cleaning services. Our exit cleaning professionals have been providing great service to our Adelaide clients for over ten years. You’re undoubtedly aware of what exit cleaning, bond cleaning, or end of lease entails, as well as how time-consuming it may be. Our crew has a lot of expertise, so we can assure our clients of a fantastic end result.
The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and even hallways and entrance ways are all included in our exit cleaning in Adelaide. We clean every inch from head to toe, paying special attention to details, edges, and tiny spaces that are easily and frequently overlooked.
We do the best exit cleaning in Adelaide
In Adelaide, we provide low-cost bond cleaning and exit cleaning services.

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Leave your exit cleaning to us. Our team of cleaners will make sure you receive your full exit cleaning

High quality exit cleaning services in Adelaide

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  • Call right now for a free, no-obligation price quote,  depending on the property’s particulars.
  • We provide low-cost end-of-lease or exit cleaning services.
  • All exit cleanings come with a bond-back guarantee.
  • Our working hours are flexible, and we provide a variety of booking windows for your convenience.
  • Our exit cleaners also undertake expert carpet steam cleaning, and our house cleaning is of the highest level.
  • We are very well prepared and have whatever we require.
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Our years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in southern Australia can vouch for the reliability of our services

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End of lease cleaning or exit cleaning checklist

Below is a sample of our post bond cleaning checklist for a thorough exit cleaning in Adelaide.

General Areas

  • Sprucing up the skirting, architraves, and doors.
  • cleaning inside drawers and cupboards, as well as doors, cupboard tops, and shelves
  • Vacuuming all of the carpets and floors.
  • Mopping the flooring clean.
  • When pest management isn’t necessary, remove cobwebs, insect markings, and tiny nests.
  • Air conditioners and fans should be dusted.
  • Light fittings should be dusted.
  • Light switches and power outlets should be dusted and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the tracks and doors of sliding doors.
  • Cleaning the blinds, cables, and rails


  • Cleaning sink and polish all tap ware and towel rails.
  • Cleaning Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Wiping down mirrors and windows, as well as window tracks and floors.
  • Deep Clean of toilet, around cistern & under and around toilet seat.
  • Cleaning exhaust fans.
  • Clean bath, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens & soap holder.


  • Wiping down the interior and exterior of all cupboards, doors, and drawers.
  • Wiping off the inside and outside of the stove, as well as the components, rings, and knobs.
  • Cleaning the inside and exterior of the oven and griller, as well as the doors, trays, racks, glass, and knobs.
  • Only cleaning the dishwasher’s outside (Inside of it will have extra cost).
  • Thoroughly cleaning and then dry the sink, drain holes, and drainers, as well as polishing the tapware.
  • Range hood exhaust and filter have to be removed and cleaned.


  • Cleaning the dryer’s inside, exterior, and behind it (If there is one).
  • Mopping and thorough scrubbing of the floor and also the sink area.
  • Cleaning the washing tub, cupboards, shelves, drawers, and tap ware on the inside, outside, and their surroundings.
  • Clean all cupboards and drawers on the inside and outside.
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows, as well as the window tracks and the flooring.


•       Cleaning the windows, tracks, and seals using a soft cloth

•       Cleaning and sanitizing windows from the inside

•       Washing the windows thoroughly from all angles

•       Cleaning the seals, tracks, and handle area of window sliding doors.


•       Cleaning in every nook and cranny.

•       Cleaning or checking up on the oven glass.

•       Taking out the oven plates and washing and polishing them well.

Note: There will be an additional charge for cleaning services.


•       Vacuuming the carpet thoroughly.

•       Applying a pre-spray to the carpet.

•       Cleaning using steam.

•       After spraying on it, it will be odor-free.


•       Cleaning walls thoroughly.

•       Vacuuming the garage (If there is one).

•       Cleaning all tracks, doors, switch boards and skirting boards.

Outside windows

  • Washing and cleaning the windows on the exterior.
  • Clean the tracks and window seals by wiping and cleaning them.
  • Full cleaning of windows with a variety of additional items (including tracks, cobwebs, etc.).



  • Removing cobwebs (If there is one).
  • Cleaning the balcony or any other locations by sweeping and mopping (If there is one).


  • We only clean wall markings such as finger prints and bug markings.
  • Wall dusting


General Notes

  • The house or property must be empty during exit cleaning.
  • We do not clean entire walls, including any scrapes, dents, or beyond the point of repair.
  • Additional cleaning services, such as garage, exterior windows, walls, and balcony areas, are included in our bond back guarantee.


Notes Regarding Furniture

  • We do not clean inside cupboards if objects are present, and we do not clean anything that feel threatening, such as picture frames, wall clocks, pots, lamps, or other such objects.
  • We are not responsible if any hidden goods (e.g., glass or light) are destroyed during cleaning.

Notes Regarding Discolouration

With our professional experience, we will do our best to clean all things, however discoloration is inevitable due to natural excessive wear on the property. Grout, toilets, and plastics may all discolor with time (typically becoming yellow) and cannot be restored to their former color without the help of a professional.

Notes Regarding Outside Windows or glasses

We will clean the outdoor windows whenever possible (with the exception of windows at heights or with hard – to – reach), but we cannot guarantee them due to weather conditions.


Notes Regarding Outside Areas

  • Outside locations that cannot be completely covered (closed off) from the elements are not guaranteed to be cleaned.
  • Balconies and patios, as well as any space that cannot be entirely closed off, such as an exterior space of a building which only has three walls, are not guaranteed to be cleaned. We will clean any exterior locations as needed as part of our offerings, however we cannot guarantee these areas due to weather conditions.


Notes Regarding Post Pest Control

  • We will not be held liable for any objects that require further cleaning after pest control that are not directly linked to the pest treatment.
  • Examples include insects or animals’ bodies that have gathered on the property as a result of pest control treatments.


We do not clean ceilings

  • Our company cleaners do not work at heights.  Any cleanup job that necessitates the use of ladders will be avoided. For example, windows on the second floor of a condominium complex will not be cleaned.

If any of the following situations occur, we will not cover your 72-hour warranty:


  • An accumulation of dead insects that were alive at the same time of the cleaning but have now died.
  • After the cleaning, there is an accumulation of surface dust.
  • Dirt or filth in the vicinity of an open window or door.
  • The bodies of insects or animals.
  • New residents have just moved in or are about to move in.
  • A third-party contractor who has not been approved by us has access to the property.