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Types of cleaning covered by the NDIS

The Best Way to Clean Carpet

If you want to know more about NDIS cleaning service and services which are provided by it, you’re in the right place. First, we start by giving some details about NDIS cleaning and then we will review types of cleaning covered by the NDIS. So, let’s get started.

Does my NIDS plan cover NDIS cleaning services?

How you spend funds will be determined by the nature of your NDIS plan, and so there’s no one way to answer this question. Before agreeing on funding for your plan, the NDIS considers a number of variables. The assistance must be reasonable and necessary, and it must assist you in accomplishing your purposes, objectives, and goals.

If your plan includes funds for Assistance with Daily Living, you will be able to recruit help with housework, gardening, and housekeeping. If it doesn’t include this funds, be sure to discuss it with your Planner during your next session to see whether it’s possible.

Services like laundry, home cleaning, gardening, housekeeping are all accessible to NDIS plan participants under the support category ‘Assistance with Daily Living.’ , as long as the services are deemed reasonable and necessary, and are directly connected to your impairment.

If your NDIS plan has a budget for this category, you can spend it for any or all of these assistance.

What types of cleaning does the NDIS cover?

Types of cleaning covered by the NDIS are typically tailored to your unique circumstances and your NDIS plan. To check whether cleaning services are covered, the initial point of contact must be your NDIS support coordinator, plan manager, or the NDIS itself.

The main requirement for types of cleaning covered by the NDIS is that they be “reasonable or necessary” and “directly connected to your disability.” Regular house cleaning and car cleaning could be covered under your plan if your impairment makes it unreasonable or impossible for you to accomplish the work.

Types of cleaning covered by the NDIS

Here is a comprehensive list of what thr best NDIS cleaning service companies offer:

Cleaning Services:

  • Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Wiping surfaces
  • Spring cleanings
  • Deep house cleanings
  • Vacate cleanings
  • Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Pressure Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

  • Cleaning toilets
  • Cleaning showers, and baths

Kitchen cleaning

  • Cleaning sinks and taps
  • Cleaning benches
  • Cleaning microwaves

Blind Cleaning & Repair Services:

  • Blind Cleaning and Repairs
  • Blind Re-Sizing and Installation

Window Cleaning:

  • Single and Double Storey Windows
  • Solar Panel Cleaning

Car Cleaning services:

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