Exit Cleaning Checklist in Adelaide

Exit Cleaning Checklist in Adelaide

Moving out is something that every tenant dreads, and more dreadful than that is the exit cleaning process. The possibility of losing the bond money adds to your pain. Using the services of a respected exit cleaning company in Adelaide, such as A Max Clean Group, might save you time and frustration.

But if you wish to do the work personally, start as soon as possible before the relocation. Keep in mind that such a cleaning process will take much longer than a typical everyday cleanup. The goal is to clean as swiftly as possible. In this post, we have prepared an exit cleaning checklist for Adelaide tenants that will help them in the process.

Exit Cleaning Checklist

As you start preparing the property for another resident, here is an exit cleaning checklist to take into account.

General Areas Exit Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum the carpets. Try hiring a highly qualified carpet cleaning company like A Max Clean Group to remove stains and steam clean all carpets. You could rent a carpet cleaning machine, but it will also take hours and produce subpar results.

Clean the windows, including the window glass, panels, window frames, and tracks.

Clean all the light fittings and ceiling fixtures.

All ledges and skirting boards should be dusted.

Clean the door handles and doors, as well as the door frame’s top ledge.

Clean the baseboards and stairways.

Remove any and all cobwebs.

Remove all nails and bolts from the ceiling and walls and smooth them out with putty.

All light switches and outlets should be cleaned.

Kitchen Exit Cleaning Checklist

All counters should be cleaned and disinfected.

Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator. If required, disassemble all shelves and clean them completely.

If you have a dishwasher, empty it.

If necessary, clean the exhaust fan.

Clean the cabinets’ fronts.

Clean and polish the countertops and backsplash.

Clean the inside and outside of the oven. Shelf supports, drip pans, and burners should all be removed.

All kitchen appliances should be removed and swept from behind.

Remove everything from the cabinetry.

Bathroom Exit Cleaning Checklist

Clean the toilet, basin, countertop, and surfaces before moving on to the next step, which is to sweep and mop. Replace the toilet seat if it has a bad odor. It is simple to install a new one that you can buy for a few bucks.

Remove soapy residue from the bathroom accessories, bathtub, and shower, as well as the grout.

Remove all the liners and empty all the cabinets and vanity.

If the exhaust fan’s surface is extremely dirty, vacuum it out and degrease it.

Thoroughly clean the mirror. Any stains on the mirror give the impression that the bathroom hasn’t been adequately cleaned.


Get the grass mowed.

Remove the weeds.

Remove any items that may be stuck in the ground or hung from trees.

The garage should also be absolutely vacant, with all windows dusted and cleaned. It makes a huge difference to have clean windows. You might have a wonderfully clean room, but an unclean window will bring the whole operation down.

Last but not least, mop the floor from the farthest end out to the entrance.

Final Thoughts on the Exit Cleaning Checklist in Adelaide

A Max Clean Group is at your service if you need to hire a professional exit cleaning company in Adelaide to perform the work. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and also provide cleaning products and equipment.


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