Crayon Stains and How to Remove Them from the Walls

Crayon Stains and How to Remove Them from the Walls

Have you ever encountered colorful crayon stains on the wall of your home? If you have an active child in your home, you have no doubt experienced this once. Children always take advantage of their parents’ negligence and created their artworks on the walls of the house! Do not get angry of them, because there is no need to. There are some easy ways to get rid of crayon stains from your walls and floors. In the following, we are going to provide you some information about crayon stains and some tips to remove them from the wall.


Why crayon stains are hard to remove from the walls?

Crayons are very greasy painting tools. Therefore, if your child draws a painting on a plaster wall with them, they cause stains that are difficult to clean. In addition, crayons have shiny bold colors that make them harder to remove.


Different ways of removing crayon stains from the walls

There are some techniques and remedies with which you can remove crayon stains from painted walls. Here you can see some of those.

-Clean your walls with an Iron and a T-shirt: It is the first way of removing crayons from the wall. Set the iron to medium heat. Then place an old T-shirt on the crayons on the wall. The heat from the iron causes the crayons to get absorbed to the T-shirt.

-Use a hair dryer: The second method is to use a hair dryer to remove the crayons from the wall. Use a hair dryer to warm the crayons on the wall. Then wipe it with a handkerchief.

-Use home-made cleaners. If the traces of pastels or crayons are bold, the heating method will not work. You must use cleaners to remove the crayons. You can combine baking soda with vinegar, detergent powder and toothpaste; then, put this combination on a soft old toothbrush and rub it on the wall and then gently wipe it off to remove your child’s crayon artwork from the wall. When cleaning the wall from these contaminants, be gentle so as not to cause corrosion on the wall and discoloration of the wall in that area.

-Use baking soda: You can use baking soda mixed with water and wash the area with a clean sponge, then wipe it carefully.

Toothpaste: You should rub some toothpaste on the stains and wait for about 2 minutes. Then; clean the wall with a tissue. You can see that the stains have vanished.

-Mayonnaise: Like toothpaste, mayonnaise also can remove crayon stain. Rub some mayonnaise on the wall and wait a few minutes. Then remove it with a piece of cloth.

-WD-40 sprays: This spray is able to remove crayon stains from your wall. Spray a little on the wall and rub it with a piece of clothes. The stains will vanish.

-Alcohol: Spray some alcohol on crayon stains. Rub the wall a few minutes later with a tissue. Alcohol breaks down the lipid cell bond, so it can help to remove greasy stains like crayon stain.


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