What Is The Best Way To Clean Mirrors?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Mirrors

If you glance at your shower mirrors and see fingerprint smudges or stains, it may be the perfect time to plan to clean them. An unclean mirror could make a clean bathroom appear dirty, and that is why learning the best way to clean mirrors thoroughly is essential.

Mirror smudges are a typical issue even for the most fastidious housekeepers. More often than not, no matter how well you clean the mirrors, the imprints of your last wiping remain. But just don’t surrender just yet. A stainless and smudge-free mirror is well within your grasp if you follow this post instructions for having a shining mirror.

Cleaning mirrors might sometimes be as simple as a fast wipe with glass cleaner and a napkin, however if you’d like a really shining mirror all the times, follow this post to the end.

3 Best Ways to Clean Mirrors

If you want to simply clean your mirrors with a damp cloth or use commercial glass cleaners as a cleaning agent, go ahead. But if you really want to CLEAN and SHINE your mirrors, there are 3 great ways to do the job.

Cleaning Mirrors Using Rubbing Alcohol

Mirrors get plenty of rough treatment from toothpaste globs, hairspray coatings, and splattered fingerprints. Although you may believe that even a mere spraying can eliminate all streaks, the failure to correctly address these locations is the major source of these unwelcome guests. Whenever you use a clean or wet towel to wipe out the remaining parts of a mirror, the oily or filthy residue merely spreads around the glass surface after each sweeping stroke. Luckily, rubbing alcohol is a simple treatment that may be found in any medicine closet. Before you begin cleaning, soak a cotton pad in water and then blot away the troublesome spots. Pretreating your mirror prior to wiping avoids stains from becoming streaks, resulting in a brilliant finish.

Cleaning Mirrors Using Vinegar

Believe this or not, the greatest treatment for mirrors streaks is a simple mix of vinegar and water. Yes, commercial cleansers also provide an easy treatment, yet excellent marketing cannot compete with the powerful performance and cost-effectiveness of this homemade mixture. Furthermore, many detergents contain more soap than what is required, and therefore more soap means more stains.

To prevent foggy surfaces, combine one cup of vinegar and one cup of distilled water in a spray container, shake well, and you’ll get the perfect elixir for removing stains, fingerprints, and streaks. Rather than the reflecting surface, apply your cleaning solution straight to the microfiber cloth. To keep the solution from gathering in the corners, slowly creeping beneath the mirror, and creating more problems, zig-zag backward and forward and down the full length of the mirror.

Cleaning Mirrors Using a Microfiber Cloth

Paper towels and newspapers, despite common beliefs, are ineffective glass cleaners. In reality, they may make your cleanup job more difficult whilst also leaving behind paper, hair, or perhaps even lint residue. Thus, reserve the paper towels for spillage and replenish your cleaning supplies cabinet with some high-quality microfiber cloths. A smooth microfiber cloth performs better than paper towels and common cleaning cloths since it does not collect lint or other debris that may migrate to mirrors and lead to streaks.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that time is valuable. Do not even squander it by removing each and every speck of lint on your house mirrors. Rather, use the finest products and methods to ensure that the task is done correctly in the first place.

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