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Adelaide Domestic Cleaning – Ten Tips for keeping a clean home

That is how you can stretch the time between your regular house cleanings. When you know these tips and follow them daily as a routine, you won’t have to clean up your home weekly. Don’t think that you are the only one who should keep the house clean, either: ask your kids to get involved in the habit of doing something to keep the house clean. When your kids grow to adults they know how to be responsible to keep the home clean, too.


  • Make your bed.

The largest furniture in most bedrooms is the bed, and an unmade bed can make the whole room seems messy.

  • Empty the dishwasher every morning

It takes less than five minutes. Do it while you are making coffee and your kids are getting ready for school.

  • Do the laundry daily

Of course, no one likes to spend weekends doing laundry. Turn the washing machine on before you go to work or taking your kids to their schools.

  • Clean up the countertop after each meal and snack

If you don’t want your kitchen looks like a mess, clean the countertop after meals or snacks.

  • Sort and Recycle paper

Keep papers, mails, and bills off the dining table.


  • Wipe the sinks

It looks nasty when toothpaste splatters and hairs in the bathroom sink. Spend one minute and clean it up every day, before it looks too bad.


  • Use floor mats

Not wearing shoes inside the house would reduce the dust. Use floor mats and shake the mats outside every few days.


  • Make your countertops tidy before going to bed

Before you go to bed, have a glance and make all the tables tidy.


  • Get picky with your carpet

We all know that we should vacuum carpets every other day, but not everyone has time for that. So, pick up the small messes and it would look better during a week.


  • Run a kitchen sweeper nightly

 Use a multi-surface sweeper every night to clean the kitchen floor. It’s so easy to use that your children can do it, too.

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