A Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning australia

Once your tenancy period is over, you should clean the property thoroughly for a full refund of your deposit. There are many cleaning tips that need to be done so that you can prepare a checklist. Writing a checklist is especially important because it allows you to not forget anything, so you can refund all your deposit.

Who should do the end-of-tenancy cleaning?

It is the tenants’ responsibility to clean the house at the end of the tenancy. As a tenant, you can clean the house yourself with the help of your family. Of course, this will be very difficult and tiring for you. There is an easier way, which is leaving the cleaning to the professionals. They clean your house well so that the landlord will be completely satisfied and you can get your depositor back. Here are some of the tips of end of tenancy cleaning that must be done.

Exterior Cleaning of the house

  • Garage cleaning

Take out garbage and debris from the garage, sweep it well and wash its floor so that no stains remain. Remove all cobwebs and stains from the garage walls. Thoroughly clean the lamp to remove stains and dust. Be sure to remove oil or paint stains or any other material spilled on a part of the garage.

  • Warehouse Cleaning

Sweep the warehouse well and wipe it from top to bottom in order to remove dust. Clean the warehouse stairs and leave no stains.

  • Yard Cleaning

Mow the lawn. Re-paint the fences if their color has faded. Sweep the yard until no dried leaves or dust, etc. remain in it.

  • Pool cleaning

Thoroughly clean the pool and fill it with clear water.

  • Corridors & Stairs cleaning

Sweep corridors and stairs well and then remove the stains with a damp cloth.

  • Doors and Lamps

Interior Cleaning of the house

  • Kitchen Cleaning

Wipe all the inside and outside of the cabinets with a damp cloth. Wash the kitchen floor and dry it so that no water stains are left. Clean the hood with special detergents. Clean the stovetop with special cleansers, so that no greasy stains remain on it. If the kitchen tiles are dirty due to oil stains, clean them all and leave no stains. Thoroughly clean the space behind the refrigerator and dishwasher and remove dust. Clean the top surface of shelves and cabinets so that no dust remains. Clean the counter and cupboard with a damp cloth or special detergent sprays to remove water stains or other stains.

  • Bathroom Cleaning

Clean the toilet seat with special detergents and then disinfect it. Remove hard water stains from the bathroom mirror. Clean bathroom tiles from top to bottom with plenty of water and soap, and then remove any stains with special detergents.

  • Rooms Cleaning

Sweep the rooms well and be sure to clean the inside of the drawers. Wash the curtains of the rooms and then reinstall them. The carpets and the curtains of the rooms must also be clean, so wash them if it is needed.

  • Walls and windows cleaning

Clean the windows and remove all stains. Also, repaint the doors if they need to be repainted.

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