7 Things to Remember About End of Lease Cleaning

About End of Lease Cleaning

Ending a tenancy is a stressful and challenging time for most tenants. You have to manage a variety of tasks to move out of the rental property simultaneously. Among these tasks, end-of-lease cleaning is a major one because you cannot get a complete bond repayment without performing it adequately.
In Adelaide, the security deposit paid at the start of a tenancy is up to four weeks of rent when the weekly rent is $250. If the weekly rent is over this amount, then the maximum bond is up to six weeks of rent. Therefore, most tenants hire professionals for end-of-lease cleaning in Adelaide.

If you are ending a lease agreement soon, remember the seven things about this important activity shared below. Have a look:

End of Lease Cleaning Is Different From Regular Cleaning

Unlike general house sanitation, End of Lease Cleaning is a complex, time-consuming, and strenuous activity you only perform when vacating a rental property. You can perform it yourself, but to ensure a 100% bond refund, taking the assistance of professional cleaners is the best solution.

For an end-of-lease clean, you need to follow a checklist and use quality cleaning supplies to sanitize household surfaces/fixtures without damage. If the end-of-lease cleaning is inadequately done your landlord can use the bond money to hire professionals and ensure the rental property is in pristine condition.

Empty The Rental Property Before Cleaning

Since each and every cranny of the rental property needs attention during an end-of-lease cleaning, the house/unit should be empty on the day you or your hired end-of-lease cleaning professionals in Adelaide plan to do it.

This step is necessary to prevent inadequate cleaning and damage to your property contents. Reputed end-of-lease cleaning companies in Adelaide also don’t book jobs unless a tenant guarantees the property will be empty on the job date.

Get Rid Of Mould & Pests

If mold or pests infest the rental property due to your negligence to keep it clean, you must get rid of them before the final inspection. Pest and mold can have a serious impact on health, especially when the infestation is significant. Renowned end of lease companies offers a host of additional services with their End of Lease Cleaning services to help tenants get their bond back in full.

Thus, you can get pest control or mold remediation done besides deep cleaning the leased houses/units. If you fail to do so, the landlord can take your bond partially or completely to manage these issues. However, if the pests are white ants, birds, or possums, it is the responsibility of the landlord to get rid of them during a tenancy.

Using A Cleaning Checklist Helps

End-of-lease cleaning in Adelaide requires you to complete a variety of tasks and the stress can make you forget to perform many of them. If you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide from a reputed company, they will follow a REISA-approved cleaning checklist to meet the expectations of the property owner or inspector on the day of the final inspection.

You can create your own checklist for DIY bond cleaning using ones available online or via a reliable application. Make sure you make it on a digital platform to share the tasks with other household members and set deadlines.

Talk To Your Landlord Before DIY Cleaning

Before deciding to clean the rental property for the exit condition inspection, have a word with your landlord. They cannot force you to hire professional cleaners, but if experts cleaned the property before your tenancy, you are obligated to do the same. Just ask the landlord to share the bill by the cleaning company to know what activities their cleaners performed and book the right professionals for the same.

Document The Condition Of The Rental Property

Tenants must take photos and videos before and after the end of lease cleaning to fill details in the inspection sheet and keep a copy. This step will help document the condition of the property and claim a complete bond refund.

If you plan to hire professional cleaners for the bond clean, make sure they take before and after pictures to show the landlord on the final inspection day.

Know What Is Expected From An End Of Lease Clean

Since End of Lease Cleaning is unlike regular house cleaning, you must know what property owners or managers expect from it.

Spotless barriers, ceilings, and baseboards
Clean windows and blinds
Clean carpets
Tidy garden and outdoor areas
No pests or mold
Clean & disinfected bathroom
Swept and mopped floors
Dirt or dust-free lights, fans, and other fixtures
Descaled fixtures like toilets, bathtubs, water outlets, etc.
Unclogged and clean drains.
Clean and sanitary kitchen

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