Spring Cleaning

Our staff will clean every corner of your home and asks that you properly check the property because we do not give re-cleans on the spring cleaning service.

Extensive Spring Cleaning Service in Adelaide

Sociable Local Staff for In-Depth Spring Cleaning!

Having enough time to do a thorough house cleaning job might seem a little difficult. It’s not only about polishing the chairs or sweeping the floors. You’ll want additional time to thoroughly clean places which have not been treated in a long period of time. And that is precisely when our company spring cleaning service comes in.

We, at AmaxCleanGroup, provide a thorough and efficient spring cleaning service at a reasonable price. Other than doing your personal chores like making your beds, cleaning silverware or glassware, and so on, our cleaning specialists fully clean your property as per the checklist.

Spring Cleaning
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Thorough Spring Cleaning

Our spring cleaning team will arrive at your home with modern cleaning gear to provide you with a thorough spring cleaning service in Adelaide.

reasnable pricing

Reasonable Prices

We provide economical spring cleaning services tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.

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Personalized Spring Cleaning Checklist

We adhere to the REISA cleaning checklist, which includes everything from removing cobwebs to wiping hard surfaces.

Allow Us to Do Any and all Of Your Spring House Cleaning Tasks!

Do you want to clean your living environment by removing dust, allergens, and pollens? Call this number right now to get a quote for your spring cleaning service!

We are pleased to introduce a team of properly trained spring cleaners with several years of expertise in comprehensive spring house cleaning at AmaxCleanGroup.

Staff That Is Locally Friendly

We’ve hired a team of cleaning specialists that are completely licensed, police-checked, and familiar with the area.

Expert in Detailed Cleaning

Our cleaning team do everything well, from sweeping to mopping, wiping to scrubbing, disinfecting to bleaching.

Following Personalized Cleaning Checklist

We are devoted to offering great cleaning regardless of how large or little your home is, utilizing a personalized cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning Team in Adelaide

Give Our Professional Spring Cleaning Team in Adelaide a Chance to Provide You with an Extensive Spring Cleaning Service

Our experts’ use of really well and established cleaning procedures ensures that you will be extremely satisfied with our spring cleaning service in Adelaide and it ensures best quality in our services. Our company’s highly effective cleaning staff seeks to reduce the burden of your regular or thorough home cleaning duties by eliminating dust and dirt, pollen, allergens, spots, mould, and greasy stains from all parts of your property with eco-friendly materials.

We make sure you’re going to receive the highest quality service possible so that you will return to us anytime you want professional help with your spring cleaning job.

We Serve Adelaide and Its Surrounding Suburbs!

Why Should You Use Our Extensive Spring Cleaning Service?

Our huge client base and great market reputation demonstrate that we are Adelaide and South Australia’s most trustworthy cleaning business. We intend to develop trusting relationships with our clients.We intend to develop trusting relationships with our clients.

Extensive Cleaning Is Our Specialty

A meticulous house cleaning job might be intimidating and exhausting, particularly if you have kids and pets in your home. For a complete and customized cleaning that will leave your house pristine and neat, you should hire professional spring cleaners.

AmaxCleanGroup specializes in complete cleaning services ranging from wall cleaning to dusting, vacuuming and cleaning kitchen decor. To achieve the best outcomes, we thoroughly clean every corner of your home.

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Household Cleaners Which Are Safe and Powerful

Do you still dangerous cleaning chemicals to do your housework? We have revolutionized the whole cleanup job at AmaxCleanGroup through replacing dangerous standard cleaning agents with biodegradable alternatives. To create a secure and healthful atmosphere, we employ chemical-free cleansers and sanitizers.

Our cleansers are all ecologically safe and they are also excellent in removing persistent stains, oil buildup, mould, and fungus from contaminated objects. You could rely on our spring cleaning service since we value our clients.

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Exit Cleaning Jobs Done

Exclusions and Inclusions – AmaxCleanGroup

Our Exit cleaning service attempts to clean the house to the satisfaction of the Managing Agent in order for the tenant’s Exit to be released.

It is governed by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act of 2008.

Our Exit Cleaning Service Return Guarantee solely applies to the locations in that you have already decided to employ our services (T&Cs Applicable).

Please read the full Terms and Conditions on our website.

Please keep in mind that Exit cleaning might include a variety of items. It’s indeed your responsibility to confirm that you have addressed all of these items. For example, a full Exit cleaning often includes:

  • Exit Cleaning (Extensive cleaning of the house)
  • Cleaning Carpets with Shampoo (Doesn’t Include Stain Removal)
  • Please make a specific request for Steam Clean.
  • And, if a specialized service is required, such as;
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Pest Control

Our quotation method addresses each of these products separately; please double-check your price quote for your inclusions. Note that each of these items will show as a separate service on the quote. As an example:

Exit Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

AmaxCleanGroup uses the most up-to-date cleaning processes and materials, but sometimes “normal wear and tear” occurs and we are unable to restore the item to its original condition. But we will take before and after images of some objects to demonstrate to the Managing Agent that this has been the best condition the item could have without specialized involvement.

Exit cleaning Inclusions (For unfurnished properties)

Our Exit cleaning service at AmaxCleanGroup includes the following services:

General Cleaning

  • Cleaning cabinets and drawers, including the insides, doors, cabinet tops, and shelves
  • Cleaning both sides of the windows (exclusion applies at high heights and inaccessibility).
  • Skirting, architraves, and doors will all be cleaned.
  • Cleaning common blinds, wires, and rails (includes spot clean and dust).
  • Vacuuming all of the carpets and floors.
  • Cleaning hard flooring.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming sliding door tracks
  • Where pest control is not required, cobwebs, insect markings, and tiny nests are removed.
  • Cleaning filters, fans, and air conditioners.
  • Cleaning light fixtures that can be securely removed and accessed.
  • Spot Cleaning the walls, light switches, and power outlets


Bathroom Cleaning

  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • All cupboards and drawers should be cleaned on the inside and exterior.
  • Cleaning the toilet, behind the ‘S’ bend, around the cistern, and beneath and around the toilet seat.
  • Cleaning the bath and shower recess, removing soap residue from the tiles and shower screens, and cleaning the soap holder
  • Cleaning the sink and polishing all of the faucets and towel rails.
  • Mirrors, windows, window tracks, and floors should all be cleaned.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning the interior and outside of the oven, grill, door, trays, shelves, glass, and handles.
  • If applicable, clean the inside, outside, and beneath the refrigerator, as well as the dishwasher and microwave areas.
  • The exhaust and filter in the range hood could be removed and cleaned.
  • Cleaning and polishing the splash back area.
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of all drawers, doors, and cabinets.
  • Cleaning the interior, exterior, and all around the stove top, components, rings, and handles.
  • Cleaning and drying the sink, drain holes, drainers, and polishing the tap ware.


  • Sweeping garage floor and removing all the cobwebs.


  • Sweeping and mopping floors, removing cob webs.


  • All cupboards and drawers should be cleaned on the inside and exterior.
  • Cleaning the interior, exterior, and behind the dryer, as well as eliminating lint if it is applicable.
  • Cleaning the inside, outside, and surrounding the washing tub, as well as the cupboards, racks, cabinets, and tap ware.
  • Cleaning the area behind the washing machine, as well as the cleaning equipment and filters if it is applicable.
  • All walls, windows, window tracks, and flooring should be cleaned.

Given the time necessary, a furnished property is quoted differently.

In addition to the above items a furnished property Exit cleaning also constitutes;

Furnished Properties

Dusting and cleaning the surfaces of furniture.

If all objects are removed and put outside the cabinet, the cabinets will be cleaned. We accept no responsibility or accountability for any damage or breaking of cabinet goods.

Standard blinds are those with a surface which can be wiped or dusted without the need for an expert or additional time. Material blinds or curtains, for example, would necessitate the services of a Blind Expert. Venetian blinds and roller blinds should be charged individually dependent on the quantity of blinds in the house. Furnished homes will necessitate a separate quote.

Cleaning around or behind these objects, and any heavy object weighing more than five kilograms, is prohibited by our Terms and Conditions and must be relocated by the customer and replaced if necessary in order so our cleaning staff can get access to clean.

Additional services that will be quoted individually

  • The following services are priced individually and will display as a distinct item on your quote.Please keep in mind if they’re not stated on your quote, then they will not be included.This is not an exhaustive list. We have just mentioned the most typical services; other specialized services such as house repairs, painting, and so on are available.
  • Cleaning of Upholstery
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Pool Service
  • Garden Upkeep
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Waste Disposal
  • Furnished Properties
  • Pest Control

Exit cleaning Exclusions of AmaxCleanGroup

Our Exit Cleaning Service does not include the following items:

Damp Spots

Damp spots could occur all around the building, and the ‘dry wall’ plaster is frequently damaged. We will try our very best to eliminate any mould and stains from damp spots, but we will not be able to entirely eliminate these spots. Because of too much moisture, these markings might reappearance fast.

Natural Stone Or Tile Stains

We try to do our best to wash away stains, but owing to the nature of the tiles or benchtops (some of which are particularly porous), it would not be feasible to remove these stains without the assistance of an expert.


With our experience in the industry, we will try our utmost to clean all things; nonetheless, discoloration occurs as a result of regular wear and tear on the house. Grout, toilets, and plastics frequently discolor (typically becoming yellow) over time and cannot be restored to their original state without specialized help.

Garage Walls

We do not clean the walls or flooring of the garage.


We try to do our best to eliminate mold from locations, but mold can become embedded in silicon, grout, and other materials. These sections will need to be restored to their original condition by an expert.

Dangerous Zones

Any locations judged harmful by our cleaning staff to work, such as damaged fractured power sockets or buttons, garbage, bio waste, and any other threat that can be regarded as harmful.


Our cleaning staff do not work at such heights. Any cleanup job that necessitates the use of a ladder will be avoided. For example, windows on the second floor of a condominium development.

Exit Guarantee (Terms and Conditions Apply) AmaxCleanGroup exclusions

As well as the Exit cleaning Exclusions, other exclusions exist that we can’t warrant under the Exit Back Guarantee (Terms and Conditions Apply) at AmaxCleanGroup.

Outside spaces

Outside spaces are those which cannot be completely covered or closed off from the elements of the weather. Balconies and patios are examples, as are any areas that cannot be totally closed off, including an exterior space of a house that has only three walls. As part of our services, we will clean all outdoors locations as needed; but, owing to weather conditions, we cannot guarantee these spaces.

Post Pest Control

We will never be liable for, and would not warrant goods that need further cleaning after pest control and are directly connected to the pest control. Examples include dead insects or animals that have gathered as a result of pest control that was applied on the site.

Windows on the outside

We will try to clean the exterior windows (except for high-rise windows or those with limited access) when possible, but owing to weather conditions, we will not guarantee cleaning all of them.

Kitchen items (Furnished if it is applicable)

We will not clean or warrant any kitchen items that are stored in cabinets and drawers.

Comprehensive Wall Cleaning

We spot clean all walls for bug markings and other small markings, but a comprehensive wall cleaning takes longer and frequently yields no difference results. A comprehensive wall clean is only necessary if the blemishes go beyond regular ‘wear and tear.’


We do not offer ceiling cleaning service.

Services for Experts

Areas that need the use of specialized cleaning materials, detergents, or a professional technician. Pressure cleaners for grease on garage floors, painters for severely dirty walls, and plasterers for holes in walls are some examples.

Exclusions for Furnished Property

We will not clean or guaranty nick knacks, photo frames, pots, chandeliers, clocks, bowls, linen, or other decorations.

Kitchen items (For furnished properties and if it is applicable)

We will not clean or guarantee any kitchen objects that are stored in cabinets and drawers.

Extra Items

Objects like refrigerators, furniture, or any other items that are not stated in the inclusion list will not be cleaned unless both sides consent in writing.

Furnished Properties (If it is Applicable)

If items are not removed from within cabinets, we would not clean them.

Garage Area

We do not guarantee any cleaning of the garage, either inside or outside.

Outdoor Glass

We will try to clean the outdoor glass (except for high-rise glass or those with limited access) when possible, but owing to weather conditions, we will not guarantee cleaning all of them.

Completion Events

A completion event is an occurrence that has occurred after the Exit cleaning and during the warranty period that may have an impact on the Managing Agent’s release of the Exit and for which the Exit cleaner is not accountable. In such a situation, we shall not be held liable or guarantee sanitation. ‘Common sense shall prevail’ in determining these occurrences. These are some examples of such events:

  • New residents have moved in or are in the process of moving in.
  • Third-party contractor access to the property that has not been allowed by us.
  • The accumulation of dead insects that have been alive during the cleaning but have now perished.
  • Dust or filth in the vicinity of an open window or door.
  • Feces from insects or animals.
  • Surface dust that has accumulated well after cleaning.

Exclusions for Furnished Property

We will not clean or warrant small items, photo frames, pots, chandeliers, clocks, bowls, linen, or other art objects.


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Our Highly Skilled Staff

We have assembled a team of skilled and professional cleaners who can clean houses and business offices to perfection.

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Materials

We use environmentally friendly household cleaners to remove stains, oil, dirt, mold, and dust.

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Our Reliable Customer Service

We specialize in giving prompt and accurate service to our broad range of clients all around Adelaide.

The Best Spring Cleaning Service in Adelaide

The Best Spring Cleaning Service in Adelaide

Say Goodbye to Dirt, Filth, and Germs in Your Home!

Allow our highly trained and passionate spring cleaners to brighten up your home with a cleaning checklist created specifically for you. We guarantee the best cleaning standards since we use environmental friendly yet powerful detergents and disinfectants that can eradicate hazardous dirt and germs without hurting customer wellbeing.

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