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clean white walls

If you are looking for modern but timeless sensations in any room of your home, paint your walls white. First, the white walls immediately make the space brighter. In addition, you can add any style (or color) to your furniture to build with a free kinder. Just like the new white walls on Instagram, be warned – they demand a fair share of service.

As it turns out, your white walls will get dirty and worn out over time. But with the right strategies, you can keep your area as fresh as the first day you paint. Experts say that how to clean white walls effectively.

Read the rest of this article from the A max clean group blog to find out the best way to clean white walls.

How to Remove Stains from the Walls

How many times do you need to clean the white walls?

White walls usually require about six months of cleaning – usually when they notice a lot of dirt and debris. If you have children or animals, you will want to clean your white walls more often. However, most homeowners’ walls may not be as clean as you think.

Cleaning the wall was a good thing for every good housewife or cleaning service twice a year, and now it is not often done,” he says, adding that if you use a cleaning service, they will do the same. You probably need to pay extra to clean the walls.

General signs of white walls that need cleaning:

Dust visible on the walls

Wardrobes on the wall

Dirty on the wall

Spiderwebs in the corners where the walls correspond to the ceiling

Of course, you don’t have to wait two years for a clean or any of these signs to be popular. NeJame recommends using your solution when it’s time to upgrade your walls.

What tools do we need to clean walls?

It would be best if you had a few tools to clean your white walls effectively:

Dust-clean addition of dust or vacuum

Dry mop (optional)

Microfiber fabric (optional)

Magical extinguisher (optional)

A non-abrasive sponge

Soft liquid container soap


Aromatic water

How to clean white walls?

It may take a while for your white walls to get dirty, so it may take some time to clean them. Fortunately, you don’t need any tools or cleaners to do the job. How to clean the white walls one by one on the positive side.

cleaning walls in adelaide

Step 1: Start with a blank slate.

Before you start cleaning, make sure you start with a blank slate. Remove any objects that hang on the wall. (Now, if you want to go the extra mile, it’s time to dump them.)

Step 2: Dust from top to bottom

Dirt is not the only enemy when you once lighted your white walls. Slide your walls down from the ceiling until you are done. You can use any dust, even microfiber cloth, but NeJame recommends using your vacuum cleaner for deeper cleaning. If you don’t have a dust additive, try a dry mop head wrapped in a soft, clean cloth.

Be careful not to scratch the wall with complex parts of dust, mop or vacuum from top to bottom using the tool of your choice.

Liquids and flat wall decorations are not a good match. If you have evenly painted walls, Stick with dry cleaning methods.

Step 3: Create a cleanup solution

Now, for the fun part: Hold a bucket and fill it with a gallon of warm (not hot) water. Then, NeJame suggests adding a soft bowl of soap. You will not need it as you think. “Soap is a little better because it will help wash the soap better,” he says. The soap leftover on the wall later attracts dirt. ”

Step 4: Performance

So you don’t accidentally damage your walls, you don’t even do your paint job, try the tiny area of ​​the border with the soap solution. Wash some of the barriers that are usually hidden behind the sofa or paint. NeJame says you want to make sure that the soap and water solution does not damage the pigment or tire of the color.

Wair a few hours after the test, so you will know if the paint is damaged. Flat and eggshell paint can be particularly discolored, he says.

Step 5: Clean the walls

Wipe the fabric or sponge into a liquid, and wipe it well, moist but not wet. This will prevent watermarks and stains. Then gently wash your walls using circular motions. Water will drip when cleaning, so clean the best path from the beginning of the wall.

Step 6: Do the job thoroughly

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your actual walls, you can also use your sponge to clean the boards. If you can see signs of dirt in any corner of the wall, melamine foam (also known as the Magic Eraser) helps. Moisten the bulk, squeeze the excess water and gently wipe the affected areas. Don’t go for less than your full potential.

 what is the best thing to wash walls with

When should I paint the walls?

This is certainly not the most convenient route, but if you need an upgrade, you can always paint them. According to NeJame, a few paint marks may be time for a new paint job:

The rings do not come out

The paint tire is broken

But you can get away with it. “Usually, if the paint is fresh in the last 2 years and has a rag on it, it can be affected by the paint you leave behind,” says NeJame.

When should professional cleaners be hired?

One of the signs that you need the help of a professional cleaner is the brown drops on your wall, no matter how much or how well you clean them. These stains are often caused by nicotine residues, which may be due to your previous owners. “In this case, you have to contact the professionals,” he said.


In this article, we write about cleaning white walls and ways to make your wall clean. What is your opinion about this article? You can send it to us in the comments part below.

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