Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Service

Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Service

Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Service – A Max Clean Group shares a few tips about carpet stain removal. There are some methods that you can easily remove the carpet stains. Actually when you know how that stain appear you would choose the best way to remove it. It happens several times for all of us to spill our drinks on the carpet. Lets read about some of domestic carpet stains removal:

  • If it’s coffee, tea, juice or milk use lukewarm water and soap or shampoo. Using a towel or sponge would clean it better.
  • When the stain is chewing gum, use a piece of ice put it on the stain and then clean it up with a knife. Do the same for candle paraffin. 
  • For cleaning ink stain off your carpet, put some yogurt on it, after few minutes clean it with a spoon. Repeat it again and over again until the stain is gone. 

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