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Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

Commercial Cleaning Adelaide – Our office or workplace is truly our second home, though we may even spend most of our time in there. Besides, we’d like to impress our clients once they visit us. However, not everyone has the time to look after cleaning. At A Max Clean Group, we, not only do that but also patiently and passionately look after your second home. We have developed great eyes for details and know-how to deliver an impressive place.


There is always a direct relationship between the performance of people and the atmosphere of the workplace. Studies have proved that people work better when their workplace is cleaner. We believe everyone deserves to work in a decent clean place, however some jobs require even more cleanliness. Places such as restaurant, surgeries, or offices that have many clients a day.
Our aim at commercial cleaning is to provide this situation for both the staff and the visitors. At A MAX clean Group, we dust all the pieces of furniture, if needed, we wet wipe them as well.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our cleaners have great eyes on details and they are trained about every corner of the workplaces, where can be missed easily. They vacuum the whole area properly and make the place ready for a fresh start.
Bathrooms and toilets are the main part of each cleaning process. We use eco-friendly chemicals to clean inside and outside of the toilets and then vacuum and mop the floor.
Finally, an air freshener will be sprayed.
If there is a kitchen at your place, we clean the bench-tops, dust every corner and floor, bleach the sink and tops. At a commercial cleaning, we promise to deliver a spotless place.

A Max Clean Group offers our services to various offices and organizations.

We would also like to offer our free consulting session to the managers and business owners. If you like to improve the hygiene of your workplace, we can provide you an information session at your place in your free time.
All we aim for is to offer the best for both clients and business owners.

We provide commercial cleaning to these places as well:

  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Business premises
  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Residential
  • Leisure Facilities
    Many more…

In commercial cleaning we provide these services:




Cleaning all the surfaces (fridge, microwave, bench tops and etc.)

Changing or replacing toilets papers and paper towels


Please choose how often you would like your workplace to be cleaned:






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