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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide – Your carpets represent a lot about your home whole. Keeping it clean and in shape is a truly worthy, but not everyone is able to do so. Maintaining your carpet in its best shape is something you need to ask professional cleaners to do it for you. A Max Clean Group provides Carpet Cleaning Adelaide.
At A Max Clean Group, we do the carpets to the highest standards by using our own expert equipment.
We believe we offer the best carpet cleaning in Adelaide.

A Max Clean Group follows a very simple but professional procedure to clean your carpets. First, we vacuum the whole area and remove all the hair from the floor, then we shampoo the carpet thoroughly and let the chemicals break into the carpet, after that we hit the carpet with our professional carpet cleaning machines the whole washing is done by using hot water. Finally, we steam dry it and just in an hour you can walk on the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services

No matter how hard you try to turn your carpet into a clean one, it never becomes as we wish. Or you are moving out and the landlord asks you for a professional job to be done and you spend the whole weekend to do so, but the result is disappointing. This is where A max Clean Group come in. Carpets are number one germs collectors and keeping them clean is keeping the family healthy. However simply vacuuming them is never enough. Certain chemicals needed to sanitize them, and that requires expert carpet cleaners.
When we do the carpet cleaning, we vacuum all the carpets thoroughly, then spray the environmentally friendly products all over the surface and at the end, we do the steam cleaning.
What we deliver is an excellent service.

Walk_on dry carpets in less than two hours.
A very fresh smell
No dirt or debris will be missed

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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Price List


Free Trial

Package 1



deep steam shampoo washed each seat

Package 2


2 Bedrooms

Regular Size 

deep steam shampoo washed 

Package 3


3 Bedrooms

Regular Size 

deep steam shampoo washed 

Package 4


4 Bedrooms

Regular Size 

deep steam shampoo washed 


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