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NDIS House Cleaning Adelaide

National Disability Insurance Scheme in Adelaide (NDIS Adelaide)

Just in 3 Simple Steps :

why hire us

1st. 1. You contact a professional Max Clean Group team for ndis cleaning services in adelaide

Our company recognizes that each client has unique and different needs, and that is why we always collaborate with our clients and their Plan Managers so we can deliver the cleaning services tailored to your special needs.

reasnable pricing

2nd. Your Service Agreement Will Be Written by Us

We’ll create a Service Agreement and a schedule of services for you or your Plan Manager to examine, based on your tailored Plan’s requirements.

end of lease cleaning adelide

3rd. Creation of Service Booking in the NDIS myplace platform

Our team has the required expertise and ability to create Service Bookings for all clients by using the NDIS myplace platform. Our team will subsequently start providing you with services that we had previously agreed upon.

Your questions about ndis services in Adelaide

What is the reason A Max Clean Group become a member of the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new assistance system for Australians with disabilities and their family members or care givers. According to the NDIS website, the program will provide daily help to 460,000 Australians under the age of 65 who have a persistent and substantial impairment.

a max clean group certificate

A Max Clean Group recognized as an NDIS house cleaning provider in 19 April 2021.

+61 449 540 502 is our provider number. And since that date, we’ve completed more than 1,000 services for clients who’ve been self-managed, agency-managed, or plan-managed. Our company takes pride in providing superior service and high levels of an eye for detail as an accredited NDIS cleaning service.

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A Max Clean Group

What Services Does A Max Clean Group Provide?

Regular house cleaning is our company specialty. Furthermore, we provide a variety of other services and options, which are listed here. Are you unsure what you require? Simply schedule a basic house clean and tell us what we can watch out for and our team will assess your property whenever they come there and contact our administrative staff to arrange the additional services for you.

Regular House Cleaning Service

  • Standard reservations are determined based on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms or by the hour.
  • Floors, kitchens, and living rooms are included, too.
  • You may book any more rooms using our additional services option when making your reservation.
Regular House Cleaning Service
Extensive Cleaning Service

Extensive Cleaning Service

  • Every house becomes messy from time to time, and our extensive cleaning service is the perfect help you can find.
  • Our experts will take a closer look at these kind of small details for an additional cost.
  • On our services page, you can discover what other services we offer.

Exit Cleaning Service

  • Are you relocating? Our exit cleaning service is ideal for making your current house perfectly clean and tidy.
  • To schedule this service, please contact our customer service staff by phone or email.
Exit Cleaning Service
Additional Services

Additional Services

  • We provide a variety of additional services for all those extra chores that need to be checked now and then.