Professional End of lease cleaning Adelaide

Moving out of a rented apartment or house in Adelaide can come with a headache. You have to be patient with everything from household items to cleaning the property until the lease expires.

If your walls or windows are dirty, you will not be able to refund 100% of the bond money. It means that to return your property from an agent or owner, you must return the property in the best possible condition.

before hiring an order cleaning company, it is important to know the professional end-of-lease cleaning Adelaide.

What is end-of-lease cleaning?

Upon completion of the lease agreement, the lease must return the home in a clean and secure condition before the lease expires. This is called the end of the lease. This is a thorough and thorough cleaning of your leased property.

This is more than just a regular home cleaning because if your property manager finds a spot during the inspection, it will not return your 100% lease bond. That’s why it’s good to clear bonds in the hands of professionals. They know how to clean the stains and spray the property using a thorough cleaning list.

However, there are some introductions and notes to the professional bond cleaning service. You should know about them before applying to a rental cleaning company in Adelaide.

Normally, the lease must pay back in full. However, if the property is not properly cleared, the landlord or property manager can claim the bond.

With regular use, fair clothing cannot be avoided, property damage, unpaid rent, or dirty surfaces can lead to the removal of the bond. Thus, one of the most important things to do in Adelaide is to close the lease.

The idea of ​​losing deposit worries and worries people about the latest inspection, where the property manager analyzes the property status.

This is due to the professional exhaustion of several tenancy cleaners, not to start hard work and to repay the bond. Also, with other important work lined up due to the relocation, it becomes difficult to satisfy the property manager’s expectations when it comes to cleaning up the tenancy.

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end-of-lease cleaning include which services?

According to the Fair Trade Department, the tenant must leave the property as it was when it first moved. This means that the house must be clean, and the report on the condition of the exit must comply with the terms of entry.

Often tenants can use door sills, lighting, boards, window blinds, ceiling fans, and more.

They know the expectations of property managers and homeowners and can meet them appropriately with advanced tools and proven methods.

So whether you can hire professionals or plan to do it yourself, you need to know the complex end-of-lease cleaning. Here are all the details:

Cleaning all of the rooms

Since the living room has a lot of walk areas, the carpets need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The most important part of cleaning up a Sydney rental is to cover every part of the house without forgetting a place. So you have to take all the vertebrae out of the ceiling and wall corners, starting from the top. Then clean the ceiling fans on both sides. The next step is to do your magic in the air conditioners and not leave the filters dirty.

When cleaning the dust on the wall, you should clean the lights and the area behind the lights. Remove all dirt from skirt boards, doors, and architraves.

Start working in cabinets, drawers, and shelves and remove the dirt that accumulates on top of these places. Next, you need to clean the windows on both sides, including the curtains. Window rails and tracks need to be cleaned with a cleaner.

The last part of cleaning the rooms should be vacuuming the floor and carpet, then cutting the hard floors.

Clean kitchen

The kitchen is the most used part of the house and also one of the dirtiest spaces because of the regular cooking and movement.

Wash the countertop and other surfaces with natural products that do not harm the texture of these areas and disinfect them effectively. While you are at it, clean the stovetop and its rings and knobs. 

Do not forget the drain holes and drainers and polish the faucets and sanitize the sink.

cleaning bathroom

Bathrooms are full of germs and bacteria, as well as form and dirt infestations due to moisture. So clean it systematically.

Start from the roof and then clean the cabinets, towel rails, shelves, and soap holders. Remove soap residues and hard water stains from walls and faucets.

Clean the toilet, the bowl, the toilet seat, the showerhead, the shower curtain, and the faucets in the bath and pool. Make sure the stains are removed from the white surface.

Wipe the floor and remove it from the surface. Clean the mirror and tiles. If you notice, take any form.

Cleaning outdoor area

The outdoor area like the patio, garden, and garage are the first things that the property managers will notice. Make sure they are spick and span.

If there is a separate laundry, then follow the same procedure as all other rooms. Clean the laundry tub, shelves, taps, dryer, cupboards, drawers and walls, and windows.

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Professional end of lease cleaning Adelaide

Your home is your sanctuary and we respect that. We came to clean it. Whether it’s a daily cleanup, a weekly cleanup, or a rental cleanup, we’ve covered you. With our team of professional cleaners, Adelaide bond clearing gives you a 100% bond guarantee, as well as a new home.

A max clean group with years of the end of lease cleaning experience is here to help you.

We reduce costs by maximizing efficiency. That’s why our services are as cheap as possible

We have built a team of cleaners from professionals who have a lot of experience. Their reliability is absolute

We understand the value of your time. Cleaning teams start and finish on schedule


Every second that goes by, you are missing out on opportunities. Get out of your chair and make a positive difference in your home! contact us with this number:

+61 449 540 502

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