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Adelaide Carpet Cleaning

Adelaide Carpet Cleaning – As carpets are somehow the face of your home, so the great idea is simply you should keep it clean. Sometimes you’d like to lie down or your kids sit and play on your carpet. One of A Max Clean Group expert gives you some advice to keep your carpets look better and without smudges: 

  • If there is a smudge on your carpet, you may use vinegar and salt. Mixed them up and leave it on the spot for few minutes, then clean it. 
  • Yes! You can clean your carpet with baking soda and soap. Mixed them with warm water and clean the smudge with it. 
  • Believe it or not, corn powder can help you clean your carpet! Mix Corn powder with baking soda and cover your carpet with it. Then clean it with a wet sponge. After that don’t forget to vacuum. 

Well, now you know how to easily clean up smudges from your carpets. For any Carpet Cleaning around Adelaide call us +61 449 540 502 or Book Online our cleaning services in few simple steps. 


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