Bond cleaning steps in Adelaide

Bond cleaning in Adelaide

As the system was designed for cleaning homes, A max cleaning group is a groundbreaking new accessibility service for bond cleaning Adelaide. It not only provided practical benefits but also helped change the cultural way of cleaning home.

If you are new to leasing or want to end up with a lease, this guide will go through the bond repurchase process and give you a complete answer to the question What is a clean order and which service is good for bond cleaning Adelaide.

what is bond cleaning?

The order is also called bond cleaning is clearing your rental property at the end of the lease. The purpose of clearing the order is to return the property to its original state on the first move. If the real estate agent claims that the property is damaged or requires clearing it, your bond may be sued.

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bond cleaning contracts

When the lease starts, the real estate agent or landlord will place your bond in NSW under Fair Trading or the Victorian Residential Tenancy، It will remain in trust for the duration of your lease until it is claimed by your lease bond. Here’s how it works:

Step one; condition report

The initial contract report is a complete document at the beginning of the lease, both by the lessee and the property agent. This report documents the state of the property when you first move into the room. It is expected that you will leave the property in the same condition when you first move, except for fair clothing and wear.

Step two; complete bond cleaning

As your lease expires, it’s time to dump her and move on. Upon completion of the lease, the real estate agent or landlord will inspect the property for the last time. The purpose of this is to review each item documented in the initial contract report.

Step three; get the agency to confirm

If all is well, the real estate agent or landlord can send the money, or the NSW lease bond in NSW or RTA Online in Victoria can claim your bond.

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what are bond cleaning requirements?

The level of cleanliness is not clear to explain; your property agent will make the bond clearance requirements, which must be met. If the bond does not meet the net asset agent standard, you may lose some or all of the bonds. Your real estate agent must complete a rental cleaning list for you. As a general guide, the following points are the pros and cons of the connection.

Steam cleaning carpets: In most cases, carpets need to be cleaned professionally. You may have to present a receipt from the contractor as proof of professional cleaning.

Oven and Range Gate: Depending on the use, the oil build-up can be mildly hard. The furnace cleaning will take up to an hour for the magic of the degrading agents. Don’t forget to clean the cover filter and sketch.

Walls and Skirt boards: Remove the marks on the wall, dusting all the skirt boards.

Curtains, veneers, and curtains: Dust, wipe or wash, different types of curtains – wood or fabric.

Windows: Remove window frames, window sills, and other furniture from dust and dead insects.

drawers: Wipe all drawers and dust the heads of any cabinets.

Roof: Remove dust from comfortable sketch and ceiling fans.

Floors: Wash all non-carpet floors and remove marks.

bathroom: Clean the toilet, bath, shower, remove any soap leftover, clean linen, and all utensils.

Bond Cleaning Adelaide

Your home is your sanctuary and we respect that. We came to clean it. Whether it’s a daily cleanup, a weekly cleanup, or after a rental, we’ve covered you. With our team of professional cleaners, Adelaide bond clearing gives you a 100% bond guarantee, as well as a new home. 

just call this number to know more about bond cleaning Adelaide:

+61 449 540 502

Why should you choose us?

we have some reasons for you, please read them:

  1. Experience: We are proud to have provided various cleaning services to our satisfied customers over the years.
  2. Reasonable pricing: We reduce costs by maximizing efficiency. That’s why our services are as cheap as possible
  3. Professional cleaning team: We have built a team of cleaners from professionals who have a lot of experience. Their reliability is absolute
  4. Customer service: A max cleaning group respect and value of customers. We designed our services to be as detailed and reliable as possible.
  5. On-time services: We understand the value of your time. Cleaning teams start and finish on schedule
  6. Bond back guarantee: Our REISA-approved clearing list ensures that you have no problem refunding your full bond.


Every second that goes by, you are missing out on opportunities. Get out of your chair and make a positive difference in your home! use our services for bond cleaning.


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